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See a skull-faced maniac attack with his atomic death ray over 12 atomically-charged chapters!! The Cyclotrode, a powerful counter-atomic device is stolen by the master criminal, THE CRIMSON GHOST, who turns his fearsome energies against the United States. Ace crimebuster Duncan Richards (CHARLES QUIGLEY) joins with Diana Farnsworth (serial queen LINDA STIRLING ) to battle this villain and his henchman, Ashe (CLAYTON MOORE, TV's LONE RANGER ) through 12 thrilling cliffhanger episodes of the 1946 Republic Pictures black & white release. Directed by William Witney and Fred C. Bannon. Digitally remastered in NTSC format and recorded on two DVD-R discs, it has a running time of 2 hours and 50 minutes, including an extended trailer reel.

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ACC19 Crimson Ghost DVD (1946/Charles Quigley) $24.95