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Gunslinger Lorn Warfield (Glenn Ford) returns home after a three year absence to discover his family has been kidnapped by hostile Apaches. Intent on rescue, Lorn joins forces with Owen Forbes, a rancher who despises him but desires his wife, Angie (Barbara Babcock). As the duo move deeper and deeper into the circles of a hellish West, the gunslinger turns ever more to the ways of peace, while a savage fury awakens in the heart of the rancher. Ford ably personifies the dark and dangerous stranger while character great Arthur Kennedy brings a deft everyman touch to the role of the increasingly brutal Forbes. Directed by noted TV producer Jerry Thorpe (Harry O, Kung Fu, Falcon Crest), Day of the Evil Gun has every bit of the nuanced and quirky characterizations that made Thorpe’s acclaimed and award-winning TV series famous. Dean Jagger and cult favorite Harry Dean Stanton are among the picture’s additional delights.

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