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FARMER’S OTHER DAUGHTER: Salesman Jim Huckleberry (William Michael) isn’t much interested in agriculture until he meets farmer's daughter June (Judy Pennebaker), which greatly increases his willingness to engage in a bit of plowing. He convinces June and other local lovelies to wear his newly invented bathing suits in a Fourth of July beauty contest--unaware that they disintegrate in water. Further complications result in the arrival of the militia and an unexpectedly explosive finale! 84 mins / Color / NR / 1965. LIKE IT IS: The generation that went to pot is profiled in this kaleidoscope of ‘60s drug culture! It’s a cross between a serious documentary and drive-in exploitation. Why lie? This isn’t good. But, there’s plenty of cool footage of San Francisco’s love generation, and it’s interspersed with scenes of randy flower children cavorting in the nude at the drop of an illicit smokeable! The financing for the “special effects” (endless LSD “trip” sequences) may have come from the refund of a bus ticket to Barstow. Hey, this is cinéma vérité, baby! 72 mins / Color/B&W / R / 1968. UP YOURS: Story – it has one? Well, it’s supposed to be an erotic comedy smorgasbord of blackout gags inspired by goings on by the wacky tenants of an apartment hotel. The overall production makes Ed Wood seem like Stanley Kubrick. But remember there is at least one good thing -- a tripod is used to steady the camera…most of the time. A violation of the “movie lemon law,” or a cult classic? You be the judge. 115 mins / Color / 1979. SUMMER SCHOOL: Cut-rate “If this vans rockin’, don’t bother knockin’” classic for teensploitation schlockophiles. It’s all here: jocks, boogie boardin’, a candy ass doofus, and plenty of shag van vs. four wheelin’ gangs with elevated hormones. The “acting” makes “Police Academy” seem like “Becket” in comparison, and everything else is bottom of the barrel, too. With lines like “I’m Rachel, fly me,” you can’t miss. So what if Ms. Magazine won’t give it any awards? 81 mins / Color / R / 1979.

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