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Eleanor Powell and Red Skelton make a guest appearance in this Esther Williams topliner that pairs the swim star up with Van Johnson for the fourth time. Misunderstandings, jealousy and confusion ensue when "Water Ballet" star Christine Riverton Duncan (Williams) sets out to fix her roommate Ellen (Paula Raymond) up with Paula's boss (John Lund). Predictably, but pleasantly, for lovers of sumptuous Pasternak produced musicals, the boss ends up falling for Christine, while Christine has set her heart on bandleader Dick Layne (Johnson). And if you're wondering why Mel Torme appears fleetingly as a bellhop, be sure to check out the special feature to see his excised scene! Special Features: Musical Outtakes You Won't Forget Me with Lena Horne and Warm Hands, Cold Heart with Mel Tormé.

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WAA24890 Duchess of Idaho DVD (1950/Eleanor Powell) $17.99