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In the mood for love? Follow Pier Paolo Pasolini's venture into cineme verite. Italy, North and South, bourgeoisie and worker, young and old, Pasolini hears the voice of Italy in its confused, archaic, outmoded, sexist, unquestioned beliefs about sexuality. Discussion with the reigning intellegentsia are tellingly juxtaposed to these meetings. 'Do the interviews represent the true Italy?' Pasolini asks Moravia. 'Yes and no,' is the response. There is still a part of the Italian consciousness that does not speak of sexuality, yet what is revealed during the interviews is a largely uninformed populace, beholding sexuality as almost sacrosanct. Concluding with the images of a marriage and its blessing is a hopeful promise for a more conscious future. This exploration remains relevant and undated.

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WB14031 Love Meetings DVD (1964/Pier Paolo Pasolini) $19.95