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Discovering that has been betrayed by her tycoon husband, Millie divorces him, but regrettably, must leave her daughter in the custody of the wealthy cheat. Determined to make her own way in the world, the much sought-after beauty remains cool and detached from any emotional involvement with men - until she opens her heart to a reporter. But her happiness is short-lived when she discovers that he too has been unfaithful. Years later, when an old suitor turns his attention to her stunning, now-teenage daughter, Millie's long-dead passion is reignited. But this time "it's not love she's after". Considered racy for its time, Millie is notable for a thinly veiled portrayal of lesbian lovers, played by Joan Blondell (known for being James Cagney's favorite leading lady) and Lilyan Tashman (Nellie Bly in 1936's Frankie and Johnnie, her last film before dying of cancer at age 34). Helen Twelvetrees, a 1929 winner of the WAMPAS Baby Stars (a yearly selection of 13 promising starlets chosen by The Western Association of Motion Picture Advertisers), is best remembered for her role opposite a young and villainous Clark Gable in The Painted Desert (1931). John Halliday starred in Desire (1936) and a few years later, played Katharine Hepburn's philandering father in The Philadelphia Story (1940).

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