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A phantom criminal is at work aboard the night train from New York to Montreal, leaving his victims bound, gagged and penniless. Joan Marshall is victimized but vows to see the Phantom captured and joins forces with detective Val Lennon. Lennon is stumped when the thief murders his best agent and slips through his fingers with $60,000 in cash, vanishing without a trace. Risking his life to bring the killer to justice, Lennon goes undercover. Posing as a rich traveler, he prepares for a final confrontation with the phantom. Howard Bretherton's Midnight Limited ranks with the best of the 1940's Monogram thrillers, combining elements of mystery, romance and action with an excellent cast. Marjorie Reynolds revives the energetic, spunky character that made her a favorite as the girl reporter in the Mr. Wong series while George Cleveland (Gramps from the "Lassie" TV series) gives a tremendously entertaining performance as an eccentric alcoholic.

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ALP4071 Midnight Manhunt DVD (1944/John King) $5.99