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The Tingle Club is the most notorious casino in America, where the underworld hobnobs with the rich and famous. No one is surprised when club owner Charles Brandon is shot to death. The only witness to the crime is jockey Larry Sturgis. Larry looks like the obvious perpetrator because he was drunk and publicly threatening Brandon in the hour before the shooting. Larry is railroaded for the murder, convicted more by his bad reputation than by the evidence. Given ten years hard labor, Larry toils on a chain gang until a freak accident allows him to escape by faking his own death. Knowing that the real culprit in the casino proprietor's murder is the notorious bank robber and obsessive gambler, James Dagget, Larry makes his way to Monte Carlo. Along the gilded coast of Monaco, Larry teams up with Inspector Ned Gunby to ferret out the villain. Based on a yarn by popular novelist E. Phillips Oppenheim, known as the "prince of storytellers," and most famous today for his crime novels, Monte Carlo Nights is a swank Monogram thriller featuring stunning 30s dress, diction and decor.

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ALP5048 Monte Carlo Nights DVD (1934/John Darrow) $5.99