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In four exciting episodes of the classic TV detective series, husband and wife Jerry and Pamela North (Richard Denning and Barbara Britton) get into dangerous situations, help solve crimes and, through it all, demonstrate the sophisticated wit and casual humor that made the show so popular. Episode 1: A professional stool pigeon tips off Jerry that someone has paid a lot of money to murder a prominent attorney (who happens to be a close friend of the Norths) just days before his big society wedding. Episode 2: Despite Jerry's objections, Pamela hires a personal butler who turns out to be a philanderer, a womanizer and the target of a murder plot. Episode 3: Jerry and Pamela pay a visit to the training camp of boxer Vince McKay when a routine sparring session turns deadly for the promising contender. Episode 4: A mysterious invitation to the country home of best-selling novelist Chuck Novack becomes a dangerous adventure for Pamela when she discovers a dead body in the pond.

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ALP4604 Mr. & Mrs. North, Volume 3 DVD (1952/Richard Denning) $5.99