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In four exciting episodes of the classic TV detective series, husband and wife Jerry and Pamela North (Richard Denning and Barbara Britton) get into dangerous situations, help solve crimes and, through it all, demonstrate the sophisticated wit and casual humor that made the show so popular. ON THE ROCKS: A peaceful weekend in the country is interrupted by the mysterious poisoning death of a rival publisher's wife. PRETTY BABY: A baby boy is left on the North's doorstep by his mother. He is then kidnapped, before landing safely with a reunited family in a comedy of errors. FORMULA FOR TROUBLE: Pam borrows a book from the library with an envelope containing a secret formula between its pages. The Norths become involved in an investigation of the laboratory where the formula originated. GOOD BOY: Pam purchases a replica of an antique chest at an auction. Upon delivery, Jerry discovers a corpse in it, as well as a hidden compartment containing diamonds.

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ALP4885 Mr. & Mrs. North, Volume 5 DVD (1952/Richard Denning) $5.99