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Wildcat oilman Jeff Lundy returns to his old stomping grounds in Los Angeles after two years of sinking wells in Louisiana. He's on his way to the oil fields of Ponca Springs, Colorado, but he wants to check in with old acquaintances - especially his old pal, restaurant owner Gus, and pretty waitress Betty. Before he left for the Gulf Coast, Jeff and Betty had been lovers. In his absence, the heartbroken girl accepted a marriage proposal from hard working, faithful Gus. The two were planning to wed after relocating their restaurant to Ponca Springs. Though Jeff keeps a respectful distance, his passion can't stay bottled up forever. As the wedding day approaches, the uneasy triangle shatters with explosive violence. Though Mr. Reckless is full of compelling and nuanced performances by a great ensemble cast, Nestor Paiva steals the show as the passionate Italian restaurateur, Gus, in this bittersweet tale of wounded hearts and divided loyalties.

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ALP5605 Mr. Reckless DVD (1946/Barbara Britton) $5.99