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Danny Breslin (Bobby Jordan) is a good kid in danger of going bad under the influence of criminal Monk Martin (Bobby Stone). Danny is disqualified from an upcoming Golden Gloves boxing championship, so his friend Muggs (Leo Gorcey) takes his place. Monk and his gambling henchmen convince the public that Muggs intends to throw the fight. The boys - "good" kid Danny and the streetwise Muggs - are pitted against each other in this timeless yarn about integrity, decency, friendship, and greed. Here, Huntz Hall makes his first of 65 consecutive appearances as an East Side Kid or Bowery Boy member. Also of note is Keye Luke (Charlie Chan's #1 son) as an Irishman named Clancy,

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ALP4036 Bowery Blitzkrieg DVD (1941/East Side Kids) $5.99