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"Big Time" Percy Morgan (Roscoe Karns) is a down-on-his-luck con man who lies and cheats his way out of every scrape. He shares a hotel room with punch-drunk boxer Kid Slug (Maxie Rosebloom) and colorful Italian immigrant Tony. Together, the trio bounce from scheme to scam always just one step ahead of their victims. A telegram arrives announcing that his war hero son Michael is coming to visit. Having lied to his son for years about his "wealth," Big Time "borrows" a mansion and gathers his makeshift family of fellow low-lifes in an effort to convince his son that he's not a bum. Stars Roscoe Karns, Maxie Rosebloom and Patsy Kelly (as Big Time's wiseacre Girl Friday, Gertie), give compelling comic performances infused with the poignant sadness of individuals who have lost their dignity in the struggle to survive. Linking his European street aesthetic with his talent for ethnic entertainment, director Edgar G. Ulmer delivers a comedy of manners featuring his trademark fluid pans, busy tableaus, mirror shots and rapid fire dialogue.

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ALP5195 My Son, The Hero DVD (1943/Edgar G Ulmer) $5.99