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Star football player Tom Harmon got his chance for wider fame, starring in this fictionalized story of his life. Harmon, #98 of the Michigan Wolverines, was well-known for his exploits on the field. In days before televised sports, newsreels were the only way a wide audience (outside of those in the stadium stands) could see the game-winning pass. Using footage from real games to round out the story, veteran Columbia director Charles Barton (Island of Doomed Men, Reveille with Beverly) turns Harmon’s post-college career into that of a hard-charging coach who comes up against old friends including former teammate Forest Evashevski (played by himself) and coach “Pop” Branch in his quest to take his team to the top. Anita Louise is cast as Harmon’s wife, with small roles for a young Lloyd Bridges, Larry Parks, and Chester Conklin. Newly remastered.

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CO39322 Harmon of Michigan DVD (1941/Charles Barton) $19.95