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Breakfast In Hollywood (1946, B&W): Nat King Cole, Spike Jones and Hedda Hopper highlight this fabulous musical-comedy centered on the popular war-time radio show, Breakfast In Hollywood. Real-life radio star, Tom Breneman, hosts the daily live broadcasts from his restaurant, bringing cheer and comfort to millions of listeners - mostly women keeping the home fires burning. When a young girl appears at his show, looking for her long-lost fiancée, Breneman uses his wit and persuasive way with words to team her up with a serviceman who reveals a dark secret about her beau. With great musical performances and a wonderful cast, including Bonita Granville, Beulah Bondi, Billie Burke, Zasu Pitts and Hedda Hopper (playing herself), Breakfast in Hollywood looks back at a simpler time when song and dance boosted home-front morale during the war years. Two wacky performances by Spike Jones and the City Slickers, as well as a pair of tunes by a young Nat King Cole and his trio, are worth the price of admission. Starring Nat King Cole, Spike Jones, Tom Breneman, Bonita Granville, Beulah Bondi, Billie Burke, Zasu Pitts, Hedda Hopper, Edward Ryan; Directed by Harold B. Shuster. Minstrel Man (1944, B&W): 1944's Minstrel Man marks the only film appearance by veteran Vaudeville crooner, Benny Fields. This fascinating glimpse into a by-gone musical genre that lost favor in more racially enlightened times, also features an early performance by Broadway star John Raitt, whose black-face make-up here forces viewers to recognize him by voice alone. This surprisingly large-scale production from traditionally low-budget PRC studios was nominated for two Oscars - one for Best Original Song ("Remember Me To Caroline") and one for Best Scoring of a Musical Picture. Starring Benny Fields, Judy Clark, John Raitt, Gladys George, William Frawley; Directed by John H. Lewis.

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