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Mr Nanny A former wrestler turned bodyguard is hired to protect a group of wealthy children in this predictable comedy. The little ones prove to be quite a handful, and, even worse, the new nanny discovers that an arch-villain is trying to kidnap the children as part of a wide-reaching evil scheme. Suburban Commando A vehicle for popular wrestling celebrity Hulk Hogan, Suburban Commando is an inoffensive science-fiction fantasy. Hogan plays Shep Ramsey, a well-sculpted if somewhat dimwitted intergalactic hero. On vacation from fighting crime on other planets, he has a fight with an alien enemy and his spaceship is damaged. He seeks refuge on Earth until his ship can be revived. Trying to look inconspicuous as an ordinary human being without special powers, he is befriended by a suburban family headed by Charlie Wilcox (Christopher Lloyd) and his wife Jenny (Shelley Duvall). Ramsey's stay isn't peaceful because he has such a keen sense of justice, which he dishes out to muggers, reckless drivers, and even smart-aleck paper carriers. In the end, he has to defend the family against his bold nemesis.

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TUN10112 Mr. Nanny/Suburban Commando DVD (1993/91/Hulk Hogan) $12.97