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Women find handsome and carefree Robert S. Beanblossom (Bob Cummings) irresistible. Perhaps that is why such a clueless real estate salesman is a hero in the eyes of secretary Julie Marshall (Julie Bishop). Boss Willis Thackery (John Litel) sees things differently and tries to reign in Beanblossom's bumbling antics. In spite of his efforts, Mr. Thackery's small Hollywood firm is the scene of a never ending parade of uproarious adventures. Loyal side-kick Julie always tries to fix Beanblossom's unwitting slip-ups, but only seems to makes things worse and a whole lot funnier. This early television sitcom is the first of four starring Bob Cummings that include "Love That Bob," "The Bob Cummings Show" and "My Living Doll." Arabian Nights: Unknown to his boss, Beanblossom gets an invitation to join an influential men's club instead of Mr. Thackery. On initiation night an obsessed Thackery goes undercover to see who bested him for the coveted membership, unleashing a hilarious case of mistaken identity. Jimmy Valentine: An eccentric millionaire wants to change his birth records so he doesn't have to retire and asks Beanblossom for help. Thackery thinks he's being left out of an important deal while Beanblossom learns that blowing up a bank safe is part of the old man's plan. Wheel Of Fortune: Beanblossom rents his boss's old ancestral home - just when Thackery's no-nonsense aunt pays an unannounced visit expecting to stay there. Pretending the tenants are friends of Thackery's, Beanblossom discovers they're about to be raided for running a gambling house on the premises. Bum For A Day: Going undercover as a skid row bum, Beanblossom tries to recover $18,000 stolen from the company safe.

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