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A Nebraska bank clerk finds his tenuous grip on reality slipping after a freak train accident reveals his deepest secret to the entire community. John Skillpa (Cillian Murphy) is a reserved bank teller living in the tight-knit community of Peacock. He may live by himself, but he's never alone; John has two personalities. His alter ego is Emma, but Emma has always been a well-kept secret -- until now. When a passing caboose jumps the rails and comes slamming through John's backyard, the neighbors all race to his aid and are surprised to find Emma wandering about dazed and confused. Instinctively assuming Emma to be John's wife, they rally around the Skillpas in support. But the harder they try to get closer to Emma, the deeper John slips into psychosis. The key to his mystery-shrouded past resting in the hands of young, overburdened mother Maggie (Ellen Page), John finds his two personalities clashing as his fragile deception becomes ever more difficult to maintain.

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Special Features cc "Welcome to peacock" making-of featurette Alternate ending Deleted scenes Cillian Murphy rehearsal scenes Peacock script (dvd-rom featurette)

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LGE27848 Peacock DVD (2009/Cillian Murphy) $14.98