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Best selling Western author Robert Morris is invited to the "Mystery Ranch" by a family of avid fans who challenge the daredevil writer to learn a thing or two about real cowboys. Sensing the ingrediants for a new best seller, Bob and his secretary Percy Jenkins accept the invitation. Arriving at the ranch, Bob soon finds himself at the center of a variety of staged events designed to test his mettle ? a fake hanging, a runaway horse and carriage, and a shootout using harmless blanks. Seeking to one-up the ranchers at their own game, Bob and Percy play a prank of their own. However, Bob's actions place everyone in danger when real bandits attack! In addition to being a Hollywood cowboy star, Tom Tyler was also an active weightlifting champion (once hoisting an astounding 760 lbs.) His natural athletic strength and grace made him a fan favorite, appearing in dozens of B-movie westerns. In 1941, he took on what became his most famous role - the legendary superhero in The Adventures of Captain Marvel. Within a few years, though, failing health in the form of crippling rheumatoid arthritis cut his career short. In 1954, Tom Tyler passed away at the young age of 50.

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