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Mysterious attacks by an unknown criminal who calls himself The Rattler have stopped the railroad's attempts to tunnel through Iron Mountain. Railroad detective Ken Williams (Ken Maynard) investigate with help from the railroad's arch rival Jane Corwin. Jane, the heiress of The Corwin Transportation Company, may be a secret agent of The Rattler or an even more diabolical threat playing both sides against the middle. The Rattler's poison darts target anyone who comes too close to his futuristic cave hideaway. Created by the minds behind, The Phantom Empire (1935) just prior to that landmark serial, Mystery Mountain was the runaway sensation of The Secret Cinema's 2004 Moonlit Movie Series sponsored by the University of Pennsylvania. With an uncanny collection of life-like masks that allows him to impersonate nearly anyone, The Rattler makes a cunning villain that has film buffs and scholars alike hissing his foul deeds while championing the reemergence of this neglected treasure.

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ALP4747 Mystery Mountain DVD (1934 serial/Ken Maynard) $5.99