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Paul (Mathieu Amalric) is a graduate student in philosophy, nearing 30 years of age, and in a state of stasis: mired in the now-stifling world of academia as a junior instructor, he's stuck on a thesis he can't finish and a 10-year relationship he can't end. When a former classmate turned academic rival is hired on as a full professor, it's too much for the self-pitying scholar. About all he can do is engage in endless conversations about heady French philosophers, drink, and escape his stifling existence in a series of sexual relationships with the gorgeous girlfriends of his buddies. Arnaud Desplechin's study of identity crisis on the cusp of adulthood is filled with so much neurosis, jealousy, guilt, denial, rationalization, and malaise that everyone's bound to identify with something. My Sex Life... is three hours long and the characters never stop talking; stripped of its character dynamics and spot-on behavioral observations it might seem like a Gallic apology for libido-driven male behavior. But Desplechin entirely justifies the entire three hours with a film rich in character, wry humor, and genuine affection.

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