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The Mystery Squadron, a group of airborne vigilantes, begins a series of attacks on a major construction project. Their mysterious leader, known only as "The Black Ace," conceals his identity behind a mask. The project foreman hires stunt flyers Fred Cromwell (Bob Steele) and Bill Cook (Guinn "Big Boy" Williams) to deal with this aerial menace. Their mission is jeopardized when the two pilots are accused of being members of the gang. Fred and Bill must uncover the true identity of the Black Ace before they face a lynch mob themselves. As a B-western actor and independent studio regular, Bob Steele's star-power spanned six decades. His co-star, Guinn "Big Boy" Williams, was given his nickname by Will Rogers, whom he worked with in Jubilo (1919).

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ALP4970 Mystery Squadron DVD (1933 serial/Bob Steele) $5.99