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Well, bless my beautiful hide! Director Stanley Donen invests this rollicking musical with a hearty exuberance. Howard Keel, with his big-as-all-outdoors baritone, stars as a bold "mountain man" living in the Oregon woods who brings home a bride (plucky songbird soprano Jane Powell) to his six slovenly brothers. Taming the rambunctious brood, Jane proceeds to make gentlemen of them so they can woo sweethearts of their own. But old habits die hard: their flirting gives way to fighting in the film's celebrated barn-raising scene, a lively acrobatic dance number exuberantly choreographed by Michael Kidd. Big brother chimes in with his own brand of advice--an old-fashioned kidnapping! Donen manages to get away with such a politically incorrect plot by investing the boys with a innocent sweetness, most notably the youngest brother played with genial earnestness by Rusty (Russ) Tamblyn (pre-West Side Story). This modest production became a huge hit and remains one of MGM's best-loved musical comedies, an energetic, high-kicking classic.

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Special Features All-new digital transfer (16x9 2.55) Soundtrack newly remastered for Dolby 5.1 Donen musicals trailer gallery Rarely screened alternate widescreen version in flat (1.77) aspect ratio (16x9, mono) Behind-the-scenes documentary "Sobbin' Women: The Making of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" hosted by Howard Keel and updated with new interviews of Jane Powell and Jacques d'Amboise New York premiere and MGM 30th-anniversary celebration newsreels "MGM Jubilee Overture" vintage short

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