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The plot involves teen felons who escape rather easily from a Texas juvy camp. They are picked up by the naughty girlfriend of one of them, and they drive off. Her car breaks down after what seems like a third of a mile. They are soon picked up by a heroin dealer and his squeeze, Carole Ohmart, who themselves just barely evaded the border patrol in sneaking a sizable quantity of the stuff up from Old Mexico in a piņata. The kids are on the run, on their way TO Mexico. That's irony, you see, and you just knows things just won't work out for this little klatch. Soon THAT car breaks down, too. The kids and the druggies run afoul of each other rather quickly, and the more hotheaded kid takes the piņata along when they part ways, after knocking Ohmart's boyfriend out. So the druggies are after the kids, and Hutton is in hot pursuit of them all. Never getting very far down the road, things reach a head, Ohmart gets her fix, the girl chooses between the two teen cons, some of our cast finds redemption and others only find death. But you knew that. Switchblades figure heavily in the story, especially in the finale, which occurs in a cattleyard.

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RV2409 Naked Youth VHS (1959/Juvenile Delinquent) $5.99