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This is a collection of three of French director Jean-Claude Brisseau's films; Life the Way it Is, CÚline, and Workers for the Good Lord. Brisseau first earned notoriety from his film the Sound and the Fury about youth in French Suburban housing projects forming gangs as a reaction to their oppressive poverty. Life the Way it Is is Brisseau's second film and is considered one of his most radical. It is about women entering the workforce in a modern globalized economy. Agnes leaves school to make a living in a factory, but once there she is faced with sexual harassment, and unstable co-workers. CÚline is a psychological drama about a suicidal girl with supernatural healing powers and her caretaker/nurse. Workers for the Good Lord is part melodrama and part dark comedy. After his wife leaves him Fred joins up with an unlikely pair, Sandrine and Maguette, to go on a bank robbing spree through the south of France.

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FAC101535 Women on Margins: Cinema of Jean-Claude Brisseau DVD (1978-2000) $79.95 $69.99