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Young Dave Morton feels smothered by his over-protective family, so he escapes from their fancy estate to seek excitement. Between romance, racecars, mobsters and murder, he finds more than he bargained for!

Dave, the heir to millions, is expected to carry on the family name, so his aunts, a butler and two bodyguards watch over him like mother hens. Full of energy he can no longer suppress, he makes a getaway. While his disappearance grabs headlines, Dave befriends the beautiful McDowell sisters and offers to replace their injured brother as driver in an auto race with a big cash purse. But gangsters also have their eyes on that prize, and they kidnap Dave to keep him away from the race.

This wild comedy-adventure teamed David Sharpe and Gertrude Messinger, with Our Gang alumni Mary Kornman and Mickey Daniels. Sharpe also co-wrote Roaring Roads and made it a showcase for his physical prowess: He juggles, does backflips, acrobatically fights, dances and drives a racecar. In years to come, this astonishing skill set would make him Hollywood royalty: For decades, "Davey" Sharpe reigned as the industry's greatest stuntman.

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ALP6917 Roaring Roads DVD (1935/David Sharpe) $5.99