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Arizona millionaire Barton Masters journeys to Manhattan, where he falls in love with beautiful young socialite Avice Bereton. Although she considers him a barbarian, she finally agrees to marry him. The tycoon brings his new bride to his vast ranch out west. But when he returns from the range one day and finds her in a compromising position with an old flame, he decides to teach her a lesson she will never forget. Australian stage actress Enid Benett was struggling on Broadway when producer Thomas Ince discovered her and whisked her away to Tinseltown. Between 1916 and 1930 she would appear in over 45 films and would marry prominent Hollywood directors Fred Niblo and Sidney Franklin. Her final film appearance was in 1941 in the Marx Brothers' comedy The Big Store. Jack Holt was a popular leading man of the silent era. The hard-ridin' western persona portrayed in A Desert Wooing was authentic. During World War II, when Holt was in his 50s, he enlisted and was appointed by General Marshall to purchase horses for the U.S. Army cavalry. He would return to Hollywood and character roles in outstanding productions including John Ford's They Were Expendable (1945) and The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948).

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