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LGE21078 School For Scoundrels DVD (1960/Terry-Thomas/Alastair Sim) $9.98
AAE206730 Pride & Prejudice DVD (1995/Jennifer Ehle/TV) $39.95 $33.99
CO35505 National Health DVD (1973/Lynn Redgrave) $19.95
AAE70026 Jane Eyre DVD (1997/Samantha Morton) $19.95 $14.99
AAE70027 Jane Austen's Emma DVD (1996/Kate Beckinsale) $19.99 $17.99
GEP2031 Red Road DVD (2007/Andrea Arnold) $22.95 $18.99
AAE71719 King Lear DVD (1976/Patrick Magee) $12.95 $10.99
WAE40999 Edwardians DVD (1972/Anthony Hopkins) $49.98 $44.99
AAE71885 Look Back In Anger DVD (1989/Emma Thompson) $12.95 $11.99
WAA579551 Oh What a Lovely War DVD (1969/Dirk Bogarde/Laurence Olivier) $17.99 $15.99
AED2123 Broken Melody DVD (1934/Merle Oberon) $9.99
LGE18761 Over Her Dead Body/Personal Services DVD (1987) $14.98 $13.49
UE8571 British Cinema Vol. #3 DVD (The Rough and the Smooth/Grand National Night/Kill Me Tomorrow/The Scamp) $29.99 $26.99
CO35980 Day in the Death of Joe Egg, A DVD (1971/Alan Bates) $19.95
CC561 Kes DVD (1969/Ken Loach) $29.95 $26.99
PBS601 King Lear DVD (2008/Ian McKellen) $24.99 $22.49
WAE2110 He Knew He Was Right DVD (2004/Bill Nighy) $24.99
ALP5371 Sleeping Tiger DVD (1954/Dirk Bogarde) $5.99
ALP6265 Tom Brown's School Days DVD (1940/Sir Cedric Hardwicke) $5.99
ALP63520 As You Like It DVD (1936/Olivier) $5.99
UE8737 Black Tent DVD (1956/Donald Sinden) $19.99 $17.99
WA38280 Maggie Smith at the BBC DVD (1972-93) $39.99 $35.99
UE8605 British Mystery Double Feature DVD (20 Questions/Tread Softly) $19.99 $17.99
UE8608 Romeo & Juliet DVD (1954/Laurence Harvey) $14.99 $13.49
WAA20265 Mrs. Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter DVD (1968/Herman's Hermits) $19.95
BFS99876 Portrait Of A Lady DVD (1968/Richard Chamberlain) $19.98 $17.99
CC603 David Lean Directs NoŽl Coward DVD (In Which We Serve, This Happy Breed, Blithe Spirit, Brief Encounter) $79.95 $69.99
CO35957 Severed Head DVD (1971/Ian Holm) $19.95
BU582009 Starstruck DVD (1982/Gillian Armstrong) $9.98
BU583004 Alan Clarke DVD Collection $49.95 $39.99
UE8670 Way Ahead, The DVD (1944/David Niven) $14.99 $12.99
ID6578HH Mona Lisa DVD (1986/Neil Jordan) $14.98
ID6587HH Withnail and I DVD (1986/Bruce Robinson) $14.98
CC132 Ruling Class DVD (1972/Peter O'Toole) $39.95 $35.99
CC154 Horse's Mouth DVD (1958/Alec Guiness) $29.95 $26.99
CC158 Importance of Being Earnest DVD (1952/Anthony Asquith) $29.95 $26.99
CC162 Ratcatcher DVD (1999/Lynne Ramsay) $29.95 $26.99
CC173 Life and Death of Colonel Blimp DVD (1943/Deborah Kerr) $39.95 $35.99
CC191 Jubilee DVD (1978/Derek Jarman) $39.95 $35.99
CC213 Richard III DVD (1955/Laurence Olivier) $39.95 $35.99
CC225 Tunes Of Glory DVD (1960/Alec Guinness) $29.95 $26.99
CC31 Great Expectations DVD (1946/David Lean) $39.95 $35.99
CC32 Oliver Twist DVD (1948/David Lean) $39.95 $35.99
CC391 If DVD (1969/Malcolm McDowell) $39.95 $35.99
CC461 Hobson's Choice DVD (1953/Charles Laughton) $39.95 $35.99
WAA413154 Anthony Adverse DVD (1936/Fredric March, Olivia De Havilland) $21.99
CC7 Night to Remember DVD (1958/Kenneth More/Honor Blackman) $39.95 $35.99
UE8638 Way To The Stars DVD (1945/John Mills) $19.99 $17.99
CC76 Brief Encounter DVD (1946/David Lean) $39.95 $35.99
CC82 Hamlet DVD (1948/Laurence Olivier) $29.99 $26.99
HTVM1252 Battle of the River Plate DVD (1956/Peter Finch) $24.95
CC94 I Know Where I'm Going DVD (1945/Powell-Pressburger) $39.95 $36.95
ID3640 Tale Of Two Cities DVD (1980/Chris Sarandon/Peter Cushing) $19.99 $17.99
CO00859 Cromwell DVD (1970/Richard Harris) $14.95
WAE37335 Sense & Sensibility/Persuasion DVD (2007/Sally Hawkins) $49.98 $44.99
WAE46263 Tess of the d'Urbervilles DVD (2008Gemma Arterton) $34.99 $31.99
CO03256 Man For All Seasons DVD (1966/Paul Scofield) $14.95
CO03295 Nicholas And Alexandra DVD (1971/Michael Jayston) $19.99
CO26847 No Sex Please DVD (1975/Beryl Reid) $19.95
KI6202 Quare Fellow DVD (1962/Patrick McGoohan/Sylvia Sims) $24.95 $22.49
CO07709 Persuasion DVD (1995/Amanda Root) $9.99
CO07762 84 Charing Cross Road DVD (1986/Anthony Hopkins) $14.95
CO25622 Lawrence Of Arabia 2 Disc DVD (1962/Peter O'Toole) $24.95 $19.99
CO09431 Lawrence Of Arabia DVD (1962/Peter O'Toole) $14.95
WAE36405 State of Play DVD (2003/David Morrissey) $34.98 $29.99
CO10146 Prisoner DVD (1955/Alec Guinness) $9.95
CO11559 Sense & Sensibility DVD (1995/Emma Thompson) $14.99 $13.49
WAC8910 Hamlet DVD (1996/Kenneth Branagh) $26.99
CO19184 Dresser, The DVD (1983/Albert Finney) $14.95
CO25919 Age of Consent/Stairway to Heaven DVD (1965/1945/Helen Mirren, James Mason, David Niven) 25% Off! $24.95 $19.99
CO25919 Stairway to Heaven/Age of Consent DVD (1945/1965/Helen Mirren, James Mason, David Niven) 25% Off! $24.95
CO28566 Our Man in Havana DVD (1959/Alec Guinness) $19.95
CO28709 Pillow Book DVD (1997/Peter Greenaway) $24.95
CO3297 Gandhi 2 disc Collector's Edition DVD (1982/Ben Kingsley) $19.95 $17.99
CO33173 Education, An DVD (2009/Peter Sarsgaard/Alfred Molina/Carey Mulligan) $19.95
CO71097 Remains Of The Day DVD (1993/Anthony Hopkins) $14.99 $13.49
CO74769 Immortal Beloved DVD (1994/Gary Oldman) $14.95
HEA070 Heat and Dust/Autobiography Of A Princess (1983/Greta Scacchi/Julie Christie/1975/James Mason) $19.95
UE8764 Woman Hater DVD (1948/Stewart Granger) $14.99 $13.49
UE8615 Sea of Sand DVD (1953/Richard Attenborough) $19.99 $17.99
UE8746 Simba DVD (1955/Dirk Bogarde) $19.99 $17.99
FLP75309 Mrs. Dalloway DVD (1997/Vanessa Redgrave) $9.98
WAE2190 Middlemarch DVD (1994/Juliet Aubrey) $14.98
WAE2189 Jane Eyre DVD (1983/Timothy Dalton) $14.98
ANB23613 Submarine DVD (2011/Craig Roberts) $14.98 $13.49
UE8664 Doctor in Distress DVD (1963/Dirk Bogarde) $14.99 $13.49
ECL20 George Bernard Shaw on Film DVD (Major Barbara/Caesar and Cleopatra/Androcles and the Lion) $44.95 $39.99
AAE70027 Emma DVD (1996/Kate Beckinsale) $14.95
KI2722 Cherry Orchard DVD (1999/Alan Bates/Charlotte Rampling) $29.95 $26.99
MGNO10147 Mister Foe DVD (2007/Jamie Bell) $14.98
FRFV909754 42 Up DVD (1999/Michael Apted) $29.95 $26.99
FRFV91222 Hussy DVD (1980/Helen Mirren) $19.98 $17.99
UE8395 British Classics Double Feature Vol 1 (Tomorrow We Live/Inquest) $14.99
WAE37775 Buddha of Suburbia DVD (1993/Roshan Seth) $29.98 $26.99
FX2000540 Titus DVD (2000/Anthony Hopkins) $14.98
UE8743 Agent 8 3/4 DVD (1964/Dirk Bogarde) $14.99
CO04925 Georgy Girl DVD (1966/Lynn Redgrave/James Mason) $9.99
UE8593 British Classics Double Feature Vol 2 DVD (Naked Fury/Cover Girl Killer) $14.99
CO35954 Study In Terror DVD (1966/John Neville) $19.95
MG02730 Red, White, And Zero (aka The White Bus) DVD (1967/Anthony Hopkins) $19.98
KI6212 War Requiem DVD (1989/Derek Jarman) $29.95 $24.99
FX2227323 Man Who Never Was DVD (1956/Clifton Webb/Gloria Grahame) $14.98
WGB43159 Wuthering Heights DVD (1998/Matthew MacFayden) $24.99 $21.49
CC460 Hit DVD (1984/John Hurt/Tim Roth) $29.95 $26.99
FX2242535 Bedazzled DVD (1967/Peter Cook/Dudley Moore/Raquel Welch) $19.98 $18.99
UE8559 Renown Pictures Comedy Collection DVD (Where There's A Will, Down Among the Z Men, Love In Pawn, Those People Next Door, No Smoking, Not So Dusty) $29.99 $26.99
UE8577 Old Mother Riley DVD Collection $29.99 $26.99
CO37844 Reckoning DVD (1969/Nicol Williamson) $19.95
WA36359 Sense and Sensibility DVD (2008/Charity Wakefield) $34.98 $29.98
KI2882 Homecoming DVD (1973/Ian Holm) $29.95 $26.99
UE8633 Malta Story DVD (1953/Alec Guinness) $19.99 $17.99
HEH605 Life At The Top DVD (1965/Laurence Harvey) $19.99
BFS30889 Another Life DVD (2001/Natasha Little) $24.98 $22.49
HMVBOM020 Bombay Talkie DVD (1970/Jennifer Kendal) $19,95
HMVBOS010 Bostonians DVD (1984/Christopher Reeve) $19.95
CC294 Browning Version DVD (1951/Michael Redgrave) $29.95 $26.99
AAM785 To Have and To Hold DVD (1963/Ray Barrett) $31.99
HMVEUR040 Europeans DVD (1979/Merchant/Ivory) $19.95
HMVKID020 Kid For Two Farthings DVD (1955/Diana Dors) $19.95
EAH20 Richard III DVD (1955/Laurence Olivier) $19.95
HMVROC060 Rocking Horse Winner DVD (1950/John Howard Davies) $19.99
MG24027 White Bus DVD (1967/Lindsay Anderson) $19.98
HSV51633 Challenge VHS (1938/Robert Douglas) $14.99
KOC6361 Nicholas Nickleby DVD (1977/Nigel Havers) $19.98 $17.99
WAE82029 South Riding DVD (2010/Anna Maxwell Martin) $24.98
UE8652 Alligator Named Daisy/Value For Money DVD (1957/Diana Dors) $19.99 $17.99
UE8666 Doctor in Trouble DVD (1970/Leslie Phillips) $14.99 $13.49
WAE115617 Shadow Of the Tower 4 Disc Set DVD (1972) $59.98 $53.99
WGB33789 King Lear DVD (2004/Ian Holm) $19.95 $17.99
HVE3247 Kim DVD (1984/Peter O'Toole) $19.99
WA45060 Oliver Twist DVD (2007/Timothy Spall) $19.98 $17.99
WAE2333 Oliver Twist DVD (1985/Ben Rodska) $14.98
ALP6569 Riddle Ranch DVD (1935/David Worth) $19.99 $5.99
UE8488 Trouble in the Sky DVD (1960/Peter Cushing/George Sanders) $19.99 $17.99
ID1971MLS Edge Of The World DVD (1937/Michael Powell) $29.99 $26.99
CO7898 Educating Rita DVD (1983/Michael Caine) 30% Off! $14.94 $10.46
FAC78973 Another Sky DVD (1955/Gavin Lambert) $29.95 $26.99
KI2922 Galileo DVD (1974/Topol/John Gielgud) $29.95 $26.99
ID2562MB Rosencrantz and Guildenstern DVD (1991/Tim Roth/Gary Oldman) $14.99
WAE2335 Bleak House DVD (1985/Diana Rigg) $14.98
ID3874 War & Peace DVD (1972/Anthone Hopkins) $59.99 $54.99
ID5888EU Bad Blood DVD (1983/Mike Newell) $19.99 $17.99
AAE70737 Tess of the d'Urbervilles DVD (1998/Justine Waddell) $12.95
IFC9799 Brighton Rock DVD (2010/Helen Mirren) $24.98 $22.49
UE8744 Miranda DVD (1948/Glynis Johns) $14.99
IFC80252 Wind That Shakes The Barley DVD (2007/Cillian Murphy) $19.95 $17.99
IFC80762 This Is England DVD (2007/Shane Meadows) $19.99 $17.99
MG21948 Whisperers, The DVD (1967/Dame Edith Evans) $19.98
IVE12494 Field DVD (1990/Richard Harris) $14.98
BFS31076 Tale Of Two Cities DVD (1989/James Wilby) $29.99 $24.99
WGB41619 Jane Eyre DVD (2007/Ruth Wilson/Masterpiece Theater) $29.95 $26.99
KI2112 Contraband DVD (1940/Michael Powell) $29.95 $26.99
KI2292 Expresso Bongo DVD (1959/Laurence Harvey) $24.95 $22.49
KI2782 Butley DVD (1974/Alan Bates) $29.95 $26.99
KI2802 Maids DVD (1975/Glenda Jackson) $29.95 $26.99
SAV030 Savages DVD (1972/Sam Waterston) $29.95 $26.99
WAE2219 League of Gentlemen: The Complete Series 2 DVD 30% Off! $24.98 $17.99
WAE45417 Old Curiosity Shop DVD (2007/Derek Jacobi) $19.98 $17.99
UE8667 Doctor Series DVD Box Set (1957-70) $59.99 $49.99
WAA6640043 Villain DVD (1971/Richard Burton) $19.95
KOC6359 Jude the Obscure DVD (1971/Robert Powell) $29.98 $26.99
KOCSHA304 Trojan Eddie DVD (1996/Richard Harris) $19.98 $17.99
WAE4113 Jekyll DVD (2007/James Nesbitt) $29.98 $26.99
LGE71418 Sweet Sixteen DVD (2002/Ken Loach) $14.98 $13.49
MC20248 In the Name of the Father DVD (1994/Daniel Day Lewis) $14.98
MG22200 Bulleseye DVD (1998/Michael Caine) $19.98
MC21255 Wonderland DVD (1999/Gina McKee) $14.98 $13.49
MC21979 About A Boy DVD (2002/Hugh Grant) $9.99
MC01937 Elizabeth DVD (1998/Cate Blanchett) $12.98
MC01955 Anne Thousand Days/ Mary Queen of Scots DVD (1969/71/Richard Burton/Vanessa Redgrave) $19.98
UE8758 Flame Over India DVD (1959/Kenneth More/Lauren Bacall) $14.99 $13.49
MG121782 Henry V DVD (1989/Kenneth Branagh) $14.98
WA37030 My Boy Jack DVD (2007/Carey Mulligan) $19.98 $17.99
MG1001280 Mouse On The Moon DVD (1963/Margaret Rutherford) $14.95
MG1001447 Dance With A Stranger DVD (1985/Rupert Everett) $14.98
HBO91711 Last of the Blonde Bombshells DVD (2001/Judi Dench) $9.98
AAE70026 Jane Eyre DVD (1997/Samantha Morton) $19.95 $17.99
MG1002749 Carrington DVD (1995/Emma Thompson) $14.95
MG100305 All Or Nothing DVD (2002/Mike Leigh) $14.95
MG1003135 Girl With Green Eyes DVD (1964/Peter Finch) $14.95 $5.99
MG1003335 Hidden Agenda DVD (1990/Frances McDormand) $14.98
MG1003776 Knack and How to Get It DVD (1965/Rita Tushingham) $19.98
MG1004367 Missionary DVD (1982/Michael Palin) $14.95
MG1004401 Bent DVD (1997/Clive Owen) $14.98
TVA19401 Band Waggon DVD (1940/Arthur Askey) $24.95 $22.45
MG1006497 Intermission DVD (2004/Colin Farrell) 30% Off! $14.98 $10.49
MG1006504 Prick Up Your Ears DVD (1987/Gary Oldman) $14.98 $11.99
IDC202 Pure DVD (2002/Keira Knightley) $14.95 $13.49
UR9654 One That Got Away DVD (1957/Hardy Krueger) $14.99 $13.49
WAE253470 Song of Lunch DVD 2010/Emma Thompson/Alan Rickman) $14.98 $13.49
WAE3591 Edge of Darkness Complete Series DVD (1986/Bob Peck) $34.98 $29.99
MG907850 Four Weddings & a Funeral DVD (1994/Hugh Grant) $14.95
CC488 Howard's End DVD (1982/Anthony Hopkins/Emma Thompson) $29.95 $26.99
WD33187 Dirty Pretty Things DVD (2004/Audrey Tautou/Stephen Frears) $14.99
MP1053 Becket DVD (1964/Richard Burton/Peter O'Toole/Letterboxed) $24.98 $22.45
CC41 Henry V DVD (1944/Laurence Olivier) $39.95 $35.99
UE8663 Doctor at Sea DVD (1955/Dirk Bogarde) $14.99 $13.49
UE8662 Doctor at Large DVD (1957/Dirk Bogarde) $14.99 $13.49
UE8625 Doctor In Love DVD (1960/Michael Craig) $14.99 $13.49
JEF1035 Blue Murder At St. Trinian's DVD (1956/Terry Thomas) $24.99 $22.49
CO24509 Remains of the Day/Sense and Sensibility DVD (1993/1995) $14.95 $13.49
EDI63163 One Of Our Aircraft Is Missing/Spitfire/We Dive At Dawn (1942/43) $9.99
ALP5683 One Of Our Aircraft Is Missing DVD (1942/Eric Portman) $5.99
MVD95428 Lady Caroline Lamb DVD (1972/Sarah Miles) $24.95 $22.49
VF7107 Bloom DVD (2003/Stephen Rea) $19.95
KOC6576 Dennis Potter: 3 to Remember (1980-94/Cream in the Coffee/Rain onn te Roof/Blade on the Feather/Last Interview) $39.95 $35.99
WAE4094 Noel Coward DVD Collection $79.98 $69.99
UE8623 Doctor in Clover DVD (1966/Leslie Phillips) $14.99 $13.49
WAA20482 Term of Trial DVD (1961/Laurence Olivier/Sarah Miles) $17.99
BFS31085 First Light DVD (2010/Geoffrey Wellum) $22.98 $19.99
WAE3209 Bleak House Blu Ray DVD (2005/Gillian Anderson) $49.99 $44.99
WAE0716 Lennon Naked DVD (2010 Charles Eccleston) $19.98 $17.99
CO39555 Paradise Lagoon DVD (1957/Kenneth More) $19.95
WAE114948 Emma DVD (2009/Romola Garai) $34.98 $29.99
KU2152 King Lear DVD (1984/Laurence Olivier) $29.98 $24.99
PA66044 Alfie DVD (1966/Michael Caine/Shelley Winters) $14.96 $13.49
CO40498 Hamlet DVD (1969/Nicol Williamson) $19.95
KI1472 Tempest DVD (1979/Derek Jarman) $29.95 $26.99
IFC9741 Angel DVD (2007/Francois Ozon) $24.98 $21.49
PT1340 Gone To Earth Region 2 DVD (1950/Jennifer Jones/Powell & Pressburger) $29.99
LGE30526 Queen DVD (2006/Helen Mirren) $14.99 $13.49
MG25210 Music Lovers DVD (1971/Richard Chamberlain/Glenda Jackson) $19.98
UE8652 Diana Dors Double Feature DVD (An Alligator Named Daisy/Value For Money) $19.99 $17.99
ALP5795 If I Were Rich DVD (1933/Robert Donat) $5.99
UE8623 Doctor in Clover DVD (1966/Leslie Philips) $14.99 $13.49
IFC9565 Bunny and the Bull DVD (2008/Edward Hogg) $24.98 $22.49
BROF410 Dark Mirror Blu Ray DVD (1946/Olivia De Havilland) $29.95 $25.99
KI7272 Romantic Englishwoman DVD (1975/Glenda Jackson/Michael Caine) $24.95 $21.49
SHA130 Shakespeare Wallah DVD (1965/Merchant/Ivory) $29.95 $26.99
SHA3201 Wrong Arm of the Law DVD (1962/Peter Sellers) $19.98 $17.99
SHA3204 Unpublished Story DVD (1942/Richard Greene) $19.98 $17.99
STHE71936 Love and Rage DVD (1999/Greta Scacchi) $24.98 $21.99
TIM050 Time Without Pity DVD (1957/Michael Redgrave) $19.99 $17.99
WA58563 Butcher Boy (1997/Stephen Rea) DVD 30% Off! $19.98 $13.98
WA180215 War of the Buttons DVD (1995/Liam Cunningham) $19.95
MG67860 Getting It Right DVD (1989/Helena Bonham Carter) $19.98
WAE1863 Cambridge Spies DVD (2003/Toby Stephens) $24.98
HTVM1282 Ill Met By Moonlight DVD (1957/Dirk Bogarde) $19.95 $13.97
CC487 That Hamilton Woman DVD (1941/Vivien Leigh) $39.95 $35.99
UE8745 Penny Princess DVD (1952/Dirk Bogarde) $19.99 $17.99
KI2992 Sebastiane DVD (1971/John G. Avildsen) 40% Off! Limit 1 Per Customer $29.95 $17.97
WAE5101 Great Expectations DVD (1981/Joan Hickson) $14.98
CO36946 Deadly Affair DVD (1967/James Mason/Sidney Lumet) $19.95
UE8668 Silver Fleet DVD (1943/Ralph Richardson) $14.99 $13.49
KI2902 In Celebration DVD (1975/Alan Bates) $29.95 $26.99
UE8742 Campbell's Kingdom DVD (1957/Dirk Bogarde) $14.99 $13.49
UE8456 Pickwick Papers DVD (1952/James Hayter) $14.99 $12.99
WAE2623 Pickwick Papers DVD (1985/Clive Swift) $14.99 $12.99
UE8559 British Cinema Renown Pictures DVD Collection (Where There's A Will, Down Among the Z Men, Love In Pawn, Those People Next Door, No Smoking, Not So Dusty) $29.99 $26.99
UE7233 Spy In Black DVD (1939/Conrad Veidt) $19.99 $17.99
UE8653 Tiara Tahiti DVD (1962/James Mason) 30% off! $19.99 $13.99
KOC6434 Last Of The Mohicans BBC Miniseries DVD (1971/Kenneth Ives) $29.98 $24.99
UE8489 Girl Getters DVD (1964/Oliver Reed) $19.99 $17.99
CO36842 Wrong Box DVD (1966/Michael Caine) $19.95
CO38600 Young Winston DVD (1972/Richard Attenborough) $19.95
MG24583 Midsummer Night's Dream DVD (1968/Diana Rigg) $19.98
UE8547 Tom Brown's School Days DVD (1951/Robert Newton) $19.99 $17.99
UE8500 Christmas Carol DVD (1951/Alastair Sim/Color and Black & White versions) $19.99 $17.99
UE8231 May Morning DVD (1972/Birkin/Letterboxed) $9.99
UE8249 King And Country DVD (1964/Dirk Bogarde) $14.99 $13.49
WAA80146 So Well Remembered DVD (1947/Johnn Mills) $21.49
UE8661 We Dive at Dawn DVD (1943/John Mills) $19.99 $17.99
UE8543 British Cinema Collection 2 DVD (Our Girl Friday/Dentist in the Chair/Runaway Bus/Carry on Admiral/Time of His Life) $29.99 $26.99
UE8492 Hell Is Sold Out DVD (1951/Richard Attenborough) $19.99 $17.99
WAA20311 Boy Friend DVD (1971/Twiggy) $21.49
KI5022 Look Both Ways DVD (2005/Sarah Watt) $29.95 $24.99
UE8493 Four in the Morning DVD (1965/Judi Dench) $19.99 $17.99
ALP5319 Rogue Male DVD (1976/Peter O'Toole) $5.99
WAE122822 Hamlet DVD (2009/Patrick Stewart) $19.98 $17.99
VMI11099 Great St. Trinian's Bank Robbery DVD (1966/Frankie Howard) $24.95 $22.49
JEF95969 Big Job DVD (1965/Sylvia Syms) $24.95 $22.49
MG1008759 Killing of Sister George DVD (1968/Beryl Reid) 30% Off! $14.98 $10.49
AAE70585 Jeeves & Wooster Complete Series DVD (Hugh Laurie) $59.95 $53.99
UE8656 Reach For the Sky DVD (1956/Kenneth More) $19.99 $17.99
UK390 Will Any Gentleman? DVD (1953/George Cole) $24.99
WA107403 Wuthering Heights DVD (1967/Ian McShane) $14.98 $13.49
UE8739 Flame in the Streets DVD (1961/John Mills) $19.99 $17.99
WA08646 Mighty Boosh Spec. Ed. DVD (2009/Julian Barratt/Noel Fielding) $79.99 $67.99
UE8619 Upstairs and Downstairs DVD (1959/Anne Heywood) $14.99 $13.49
WAA03110 Savage Messiah DVD (1972/Ken Ruseell) $21.49
WA120031 O Lucky Man Two Disc Special Edition DVD (1973/Malcolm McDowell) $19.98 $17.99
UE8665 Doctor in the House DVD (1954/Dirk Bogarde) $14.99 $13.40
WAE2018 Murder in Holy Orders DVD (2004/Martin Shaw) $19.98 $17.99
WA80672 Clockwork Orange 2 disc DVD (1972/Malcolm McDowell) $26.98
WA2001 Little Romance, A DVD (1979/Laurence Olivier) $14.95
WA24002 Nighty Night DVD (2004/Julia Davis) $24.99 $21.99
WAE2647 Bit of Fry & Laurie Season 1 DVD (1989) $24.99
WA24598 Chariots of Fire DVD (1981/Ben Cross) $19.98 $17.99
WA31908 Chariots of Fire DVD (1981/Ben Cross/2 disc) $26.98 $23.99
WA38142 L-Shaped Room DVD (1962/Leslie Caron/Region 2!!) $24.99
CC44 Red Shoes DVD (1948/Michael Powell/Emeric Pressburger) $39.95 $35.99
WAE36359 Sense and Sensibility DVD (2007/Charity Wakefield) $34.98 $29.99
WAE1963 Pennies From Heaven DVD (1978/Dennis Potter) $44.98 $39.99
VM7440 Last September DVD (1998./Maggie Smith) $14.98
CO44516 Run Wild, Run Free DVD (1969/Mark Lester) $19.95
WA68761 Ken Russell at the BBC DVD (1962-1968) $59.98 $53.99
WA111210 Othello DVD (1965/Laurence Olivier) $19.98 $17.99
MC01955 Anne of the Thousand Days / Mary, Queen of Scots DVD (1969/Vanessa Redgrave/Glenda Jackson) $19.98
AMP8539 Perfect Spy DVD (1988/John Le Carre/3 tape set) $59.98 $53.99
WAE1500 League of Gentlemen Series 1 DVD (1999/Mark Gatiss) $14.98 $13.49
WAE102964 Sense & Sensibility DVD (1971/Sheila Ballantine)) $14.98 $13.49
WAE1683 Sense and Sensibility DVD (1981/Irene Richards) 30% Off! $14.97 $13.49
WAE1699 Singing Detective, The DVD (1986/Michael Gambon) $39.98 $35.99
WAE1815 Office Complete 1st Season DVD (2001/Ricky Gervais) $14.98 $13.49
WAE1864 Lost Prince DVD (2003/Miranda Richardson) $19.98 $17.99
WAE2220 League of Gentlemen Series 3 DVD (2002/Mark Gatiss) $24.98 $22.49
WAE2270 League of Gentlemen Christmas Special DVD (2002/Mark Gatiss) $14.98 $13.49
WAE2495 Mill on the Floss DVD (1978/Christopher Blake) $14.95
WA42312 Far from the Madding Crowd DVD (1967/Peter Finch/Julie Christie/Terrence Stamp) $19.98 $17.99
WB4045 Hard Labour DVD (1973/Mike Leigh) $19.95
WB4046 Grown Ups DVD (1980/Mike Leigh) $19.95
WB4047 Abigail's Party DVD (1977/Mike Leigh) $19.95
WB4054 Who's Who DVD (1978/Mike Leigh) $19.95 $17.99
WB4060 Four Days In July DVD (1984/Mike Leigh) $19.95
WB4061 Home Sweet Home DVD (1982/Mike Leigh) $19.95
WB4062 Kiss of Death DVD (1977/Mike Leigh) $19.95
LGE30578 Little Voice DVD (1998/Michael Caine) $14.98
WD17591 Englishman Who Went Up A Hill DVD (1995/Hugh Grant/Letterboxed) $9.99
UE8740 Riddle of the Sand DVD (1978/Michael York) $19.99 $17.99
WD21500 Happy Go Lucky DVD (2008/Sally Hawkins) $14.99
WD22428 My Left Foot DVD (1989/Daniel Day-Lewis) $14.99
WD2929103 Jefferson In Paris DVD (1995/Nick Nolte) $9.99
WD30892 Advocate (aka Hour Of The Pig) DVD (1993/Colin Firth) $9.99 $9.99
WD30910 Rowing With the Wind DVD (1987/Hugh Grant) $6.99
CO33406 Damned United DVD (2009/Colm Meaney) $14.99 $13.49
WD34574 Trainspotting DVD (1996/Ewan MacGregor) $14.98 $13.49
WHU11055 Belles of St. Trinian's DVD (1954/Alastair Simms) $24.99 $22.49
WHU11098 Pure Hell of St. Trinian's DVD (1960/George Cole) $24.98 $22.49
WHU56073 Wildcats of St. Trinian's DVD (1963/Frank Laundner) $24.99 $22.49
ZGT1097 Zed and Two Noughts DVD (1985/Peter Greenway) $29.95 $26.99
ZGT1102 Wittgenstein DVD (1993/Tilda Swinton) $29.99 $24.99
TVA19940 Bees in Paradise (1944/Arthur Askey) $24.95 $22.45
MG24395 August DVD (1996/Anthony Hopkins) $19.98
GEP80193 Breaking and Entering DVD (2006/Jude Law) $19.95
WAE95965 Edward II DVD (1969/Ian McKellen) $14.98
UE8493 Four in the Morning DVD (1966/Judi Dench) $19.99 $17.99
WAE2193 Fortunes of War DVD (1987/Kenneth Branagh) $14.95 $13.49
CC375 Green For Danger DVD (1946/Alistair Sim) $29.95 $26.99
WAE2334 Martin Chuzzlewit DVD (1995/Stephen Mapes) $14.98
CO35949 Take a Girl Like You DVD (1970/Hayley Mills) $19.95
WAE1815 Office 1st Season DVD (2001/Ricky Gervais) $14.98 $13.49
MG24336 Bed Sitting Room DVD (1969/Rita Tushingham) $19.98
CO39187 You Must Be Joking DVD (1965/Michael Callan) $19.95
MG25678 Getting It Right DVD (1989/Helena Bonham Carter) $19.98
CO36727 Don't Panic Chaps DVD (1959/Dennis Price) $19.95
SEA050 Seance On A Wet Afternoon DVD (1964/Kim Stanley) $19.95

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