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CO03064 Vampires DVD (1998/James Woods) $14.95 $13.49
CO03160 Christine DVD (1983/Stephen King) $14.95
CO04129 Starman DVD (1984/Jeff Bridges) $9.95
CO06520 Ghosts of Mars DVD (2001/Natasha Henstridge) $9.95
CO2847 Eyes Of Laura Mars DVD (1978/Faye Dunaway) $9.95
FX2260474 Big Trouble In Little China Blu Ray DVD (1986/Kurt Russell/Pan and Scan and Letterboxed versions) $24.98 $21.99
ID0419 Assault On Precinct 13 DVD (1976/John Carpenter) $9.99
MC20444 Village of the Damned DVD (1995/Christopher Reeve) $14.98 $13.49
MC21234 Prince of Darkness DVD (1987/Donald Pleasance) $14.98
MC21235 They Live DVD (1988/Roddy Piper) $14.98 $13.49
MC21427 Halloween II DVD (1981/Jamie Lee Curtis/Letterboxed) $9.99
MC23606 Halloween 3: Season of the Witch DVD (1982/Tom Atkins) $9.98
MG1003671 Fog DVD (1979/John Carpenter) $14.95
MG1005690 Escape From New York Special Edition DVD (1981/Kurt Russell/Collector's Edition) $29.98
MG1001186 Escape From New York DVD (1981/Kurt Russell) $14.98
PA332499 Escape From L.A. DVD (1996/Kurt Russell) $9.99
UE8550 Dark Star Hyper Drive Edition DVD (1974/Dan O'Bannon) $19.99 $17.99
VT11410 Black Moon Rising DVD (1986/Tommy Lee Jones/Linda Hamilton) $9.98
VT15428 Halloween DVD (1978/Jamie Lee Curtis) $14.98
MC25437 Thing, The DVD (1982/Kurt Russell) $12.98
MC06090 John Carpenter: Master of Fear 4 Film DVD Collection (The Thing / Prince of Darkness / They Live / Village of the Damned) $19.98

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