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ALP4319 Quicksand DVD (1950/Mickey Rooney) $5.99
WAA57487 Conspirators DVD (1944/Hedy Lamarr,/Paul Henreid,/Sydney Greenstreet,/Peter Lorre) $19.98
ALP3101 Scarlet Street DVD (1945/Edward G. Robinson) $5.99
WAA29984 Window DVD (1949/Bobby Driscoll) $21.49
UE8554 Amazing Mr. X/Reign of Terror DVD (1948/49) $19.99 $17.99
ALP4181 Hitch-Hiker DVD (1953/Edmond O'Brien/Alpha) $5.99
OF455 Private Hell 36 DVD (1954/Ida Lupino) $24.95 $21.49
ALP4272 Too Late For Tears DVD (1949/Lizabeth Scott) $5.99
ALP4279 Scar (aka Hollow Triumph) DVD (1948/Paul Henreid) $5.99
ALP4578 Trapped DVD (1949/Lloyd Bridges) $5.99
ALP4622 Woman on the Run DVD (1950/Ann Sheridan/Dennis O'Keefe) $5.99
ALP4816 Cause For Alarm DVD (1951/Loretta Young) $5.99
WAA78152 Mask of Dimitrios DVD (1944/Sydney Greenstreet) $21.99
WAA29505 Cry of the Hunted DVD (1953/Barry Sullivan) $21.99
KI5082 Film Noir British Collection DVD (Sudden Fear / The Long Night / Hangmen Also Die / Railroaded / Behind Locked Doors) $59.95 $45.99
CC176 Killers: '46 & '64 Versions DVD (1964/Lee Marvin/1946/Burt Lancaster) $39.95 $35.99
CC575 Killing DVD (1956/Sterling Hayden) $29.95 $26.99
WAA27699 High Wall DVD (1947/Robert Taylor) $17.99
CC273 Thieves' Highway DVD (1949/Richard Conte/Lee J. Cobb) $39.95 $35.99
ALP4527 Big Combo DVD (1955/Cornel Wilde/Richard Conte) $7.99 $5.99
CO900238 Columbia Pictures Film Noir Classics IV DVD (Johnny O Clock/So Dark the Night/Walk a Crooked Mile/Between Midnight and Dawn/Walk East on Beacon) $49.99
OF1194 Try & Get Me DVD (1950/Frank Lovejoy) $24.95 $21.99
CO23570 Columbia Pictures Film Noir Classics III DVD (The Mob / My Name is Julia Ross / The Burglar / Drive a Crooked Road / Tight Spot) $65.99
CO41540 Film Noir DVD Collection - Volume One (Criminal Lawyer/Crooked Web/Escape From San Quentin/Shadow on the /The Case Against Brooklyn) $55.99 $49.99
KI1422 Hitch-Hiker DVD (1953/Edmond O'Brien) $29.95 $24.99
ALP5990 Sun Seta at Dawn DVD (1950/Walter Reed) $5.99
WAA569531 Flaxy Martin DVD (1949/Virginia Mayo) $19.99
WAA322219 Walk Softly, Stranger DVD (1950/Joseph Cotten/Alida Valli) $19.99
MC84462 Kiss the Blood off My Hands DVD (1948/Joan Fontaine/Burt Lancaster) $19.98
MC84301 Accused, The DVD (1949/Loretta Young) $19.98
MC38446 Kiss the Blood off My Hands DVD (1948/Burt L:ancaster) $17.99
WAA28173 Clay Pigeon DVD (1949/Bill Williams) $21.99
FX2234454 I Wake Up Screaming DVD (1941/Betty Grable) $14.98
WAA602621 Out of the Past DVD (1949/Robert Mitchum) $19.95
OF731 Shack Out on 101 DVD (1955/Lee Marvin) $24.95 $21.49
MC13871 Woman in Hiding DVD (1949/Ida Lupoino) $17.99
UEKPF543 Portland Expose/They Were So Young DVD (1957/Carolyn Craig/1954/Raymond Burr) $14.99 $13.49
IT20 They Won't Believe Me DVD (1947/Robert Young)***Region 2 DVD.*** Will only play on computers or multi-region DVD players. Not made for playback on North American DVD players. $29.99
FX857136 Brasher Doubloon DVD (1946/G. Montgomery) $19.98
HSV5833 Kansas City Confidential VHS (1952/John Payne) $5.99
WAA92990 Tattoed Stranger DVD (1950/John Miles) $19.99
MG108103 Kansas City Confidential DVD (1952/John Payne) 30% off! $14.98 $10.49
UE5013 D.O.A./Hitch-Hiker DVD (1947/53/Edmond O'Brien) $5.99
ID8595CO Impact DVD (1949/Brian Donlevy) $9.99
ID8708CO Detour DVD (1945/Tom Neal) $9.99
WA115026 Illegal/Big Steal DVD (1955/Edward G Robinson/1949/Robert Mitchum) $20.97 $17.99
WAA27098 Bodyguard DVD (1948/Laurence Tierney) $21.49
CO35514 711 Ocean Drive DVD (1950/Edmond O'Brien) $19.95
WAA58723 Nobody Lives Forever DVD (1946/John Garfield) $19.98
UE8302 Scar/Limping Man DVD (1948/53) 10% Off! $9.99 $8.99
MC97486 Woman's Vengeance DVD (1947/Charles Boyer) $19.98
KI1491 Witness To Murder DVD (1954/Barbara Stawnyck/George Sanders) $24.95 $21.49
WAA85450 House Across the Street, The / Homicide DVD (1949) $17.99
MC25498 Black Angel DVD (1946/Dan Duryea/Peter Lorre) $14.98
MC25501 Big Clock DVD (1948/Ray Milland/Charles Laughton) $14.98
CC274 Night & the City DVD (1950/Richard Widmark) $39.95 $35.99
ALP6738 Shed No Tears DVD (1948/Wallace Ford) $5.99
MC97363 Abandoned DVD (1948/Dennis O'Keefe) $19.98
WAA388330 Dangerous Profession, A DVD (1949/George Raft) $19.99
CC568 Kiss Me Deadly DVD (1955/Ralph Meeker) $29.95
WAA388504 Loophole DVD (1954/Barry Sullivan) $19.99
CO06532 Big Heat DVD (1953/Glenn Ford) 30% Off! $24.95 $17.47
OF961 Strange Affair of Uncle Harry DVD (1976/Alex Rose) $24.95 $21.49
MG907706 Killing DVD (1956/Stanley Kubrick) $14.95
WAA27098 Bodyguard DVD (1948/Laurence Tierney) $17.99
TCM40242 Dark Crimes: Film Noir Thrillers - Volume 1 DVD $34,95
WAA80156 Beyond A Reasonable Doubt DVD (1956/Dana Andrews) $19.99
WAA18015 Crack-Up DVD (1946/Pat O'Brien) $21.49
OF242 Appointment With Danger DVD (1943/Alan Ladd) $24.95 $22.45
OF461 Secret Beyond the Door DVD (1947/Joan Bennett) $24.95 $21.49
CO34022 Bad Girls of Film Noir Vol 2 DVD (Night Editor / One Girl's Confession / Women's Prison / Over-Exposed) $24.95
SMV52156 T-Men DVD (1948/Dennis O'Keefe/Alfred Ryder/June Lockhart) $9.99
KI20215 Shield For Murder DVD (1954/Edmond O'Brien) $19.95 $17.99
WAA19072 Follow Me Quietly DVD (1949/William Lundigan) $21.49
UE4816 Slightly Scarlet DVD (1956/John Payne/Arlene Dahl) $9.99
WA76124 Film Noir 10 Movie Spotlight DVD Collection (Double Indemnity / Touch of Evil / This Gun for Hire / The Glass Key / Phantom Lady / The Blue Dahlia / Black Angel / The Killers / The Big Clock / Criss Cross) $79.98 $67.99
WAA468794 Red Light DVD (1949/George Raft) $19.99
MC97509 So Evil My Love DVD (1948/Ray Milland) $19.98
TCM90023 Film Noir Classics IV DVD So Dark the Night/Johnny O Clock/Walk a Crooked Mile/Between Midnight and Dawn/Walk East On Beacon) $54.99
WA65903 Asphalt Jungle DVD (1950/Sterling Hayden) $19.98 $17.99
MC81207 Smooth As Silk DVD (1946/Virginia Grey) $19.98
WA7246 Born To Kill DVD (1947/Lawrence Tierney/Claire Trevor) $19.98 $17.99
WA7254 Narrow Margin DVD (1952/Charles McGraw/Marie Windsor) $24.99
WAA02769 Nora Prentiss DVD (1947/Ann Sheridan) $21.49
WAA17978 Highway 301 DVD (1950/Virginia Grey) $19.99
WAT6748 Set-Up, The DVD (1949/Robert Ryan) 50% Off! $19.98 $9.99
OF437 Captain Carey USA DVD (1950/Alan Ladd) $24.95 $21.49
ID9042AQ Blue Gardenia DVD (1953/Fritz Lang) $14.99 $13.49
UEKPF528 New York Confidential DVD (1955/Broderick Crawford) 30% off! $14.99 $10.49
OF757 Cry Danger DVD (1951/Dick Powell) $24.95 $21.49
OF569 Hell's Half Acre DVD (1954/Wendell Corey) $24.95 $21.49
KI20313 Film Noir: The Dark Side of Cinema DVD Boxed Set (A Bullet For Joey, He Ran All the Way, Storm Fear, Witness to Murder) $39.95 $33.99
OF619 Hoodlum Empire DVD (1952/Brian Donlevy) $24.95 $21.49
WAA18091 Threat, The DVD (1949/Charles McGraw) $22.49

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