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ANB11257 Children of the Corn DVD (1984/Linda Hamilton) $9.98
AV79 Creepshow 2 Blu Ray (1987/Michael Gornick) $34.99 $27.99
ARSN11401 Cujo DVD (1983/Lewis Teague) $14.98
OF459 Thinner DVD (1996/Tom Holland) $19.95 $17.99
PA130748 Stephen King DVD Gift Set (The Langoliers / The Stand / Golden Years) $39.98 $35.99
ARSN17252 Riding the Bullet DVD (2004/Jonathan Jackson) $9.99
CO03160 Christine DVD (1983/Stephen King) $14.95
CO03160 Kingdom Hospital Complete Series DVD (2004/Stephen King/4 DVD Tin Case) $29.95 $26.99
CO03663 Secret Window DVD (2004/Johnny Depp) $14.99 $13.49
CO05815 Sleepwalkers DVD (1992/Alice Krige) $9.95
CO22309 Apt Pupil DVD (1998/Ian McKellen) $9.95
TRH1473 Maximum Overdrive DVD (1986/Emilio Estevez) $9.98
LGE24079 Dead Zone [TV] Complete Sixth Season DVD (2006/Anthony Michael Hall) $19.98 $17.99
LGHE15667 Dead Zone [TV] Complete Second Season DVD (2003/Anthony Michael Hall) $19.98 $17.99
LGHE16758 Dead Zone [TV] Complete Third Season DVD (2004/Anthony Michael Hall) $19.98 $17.99
MC24912 Firestarter 1 & 2 DVD (1984/Drew Barrymore/2002/Malcolm McDowell) $14.98
MG1000833 Misery DVD (1990/Rob Reiner) $14.98
MG1002332 Carrie Special Edition DVD (1976/Brian DePalma) 30% Off! $14.98 $10.49
MG1004714 Carrie DVD (2002/Angela Bettis) $9.98
MG907866 Dark Half DVD (1991/George Romero) $14.95 $12.99
ANB10996 Knightriders DVD (1981/Ed Harris) $9.98
WA16053 Creepshow DVD (1982/Hal Holbrook) $5.99
PA118364 Pet Sematary DVD (1989/Stephen King) $14.99
PA323604 Tales From the Darkside: The Movie DVD (1990/Deborah Harry) $14.99
LGE19430 Dead Zone [TV] Complete Fourth Season DVD (2005/Anthony Michael Hall) $19.98 $17.99
TUN10113 Lawnmower Man 1&2 DVD (1992/Pierce Brsonan) $14.98 $13.49
TUN7421 Mangler DVD (1995/Robert Englund/Unrated) $19.98 $17.99
VK71073 Rose Red DVD (2002/David Dukes) $9.98
VM8342 Dead Zone [TV] Complete First Season DVD (2002/Anthony Michael Hall) $19.98 $17.99
VM7184 Sometimes They Come Back For More DVD (1998/Clayton Rohner) $14.98 $13.49
WAA346969 My Demon Lover DVD (1987/Scott Valentine) $19.95
VK71561 Trucks DVD (1997/Chris Thompson) $9.99
WA22081 Hearts in Atlantis DVD (2001/Anthony Hopkins) $5.97
WA22526 Shining DVD (2002 TV miniseries/Steven Weber) $12.97 $11.99
WA24664 Dreamcatcher DVD (2003/Damian Lewis) $5.99
WA65247 Cat's Eye DVD (1985/Drew Barrymore) $9.95
WA70597 Green Mile DVD (1999/Tom Hanks/2 disc edition) $19.99
WA72210 Shining, The DVD (1980/Jack Nicholson) $5.99
WA72210 Shining, The 2 Disc DVD (1980/Jack Nicholson) $20.98 $17.99
WAC2548 Dolores Claiborne DVD (1994/Kathy Bates/Letterboxed) $5.99
WAC2650 Shawshank Redemption: Special Edition DVD (1194/Tim Robbins) $12.97 $11.99

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