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CC105 Spartacus DVD (1960/Stanley Kubrick) $49.95 $43.99
CO06187 Dr. Strangelove Special Edition DVD (1964/Peter Sellers) $14.95
KI959 Fear and Desire DVD (1953/Stanley Kubrick) $29.95 $24.99
DRW89885 A.I.: Artificial Intelligence DVD (2001/2001/Haley Joel Osment) $9.99
CO02616 Dr. Strangelove 40th Anniversary Special Edition DVD (1964/Peter Sellers) $19.95
MG907706 Killing DVD (1956/Stanley Kubrick) $14.95
MG907707 Killer's Kiss DVD (1955/Stanley Kubrick) $14.95 $12.49
WA118616 Full Metal Jacket DVD (1987/Stanley Kubrick) $5.99
WA21148 Barry Lyndon DVD (1975/Ryan O'Neal) $19.98 $17.99
WA21152 Eyes Wide Shut 2 disc DVD (1999/Tom Cruise) $26.98 $23.99
WA79191 2001: A Space Odyssey DVD (1968/Stanley Kubrick) $5.99
MG907674 Paths of Glory DVD (1957/Kirk Douglas) $14.98
WA65541 Lolita DVD (1962/James Mason) $19.98 $17.99

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