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ALP3153 White Zombie DVD (1932/Bela Lugosi) $5.99
ALP3211 Devil Bat, The DVD (1941/Bela Lugosi) $5.99
ALP4005 Bowery At Midnight DVD (1942/Bela Lugosi) $5.99
ALP4019 Death Kiss DVD (1933/Bela Lugosi) $5.99
ALP4021 Ape Man DVD (1943/Bela Lugosi) $5.99
ALP4043 Corpse Vanishes DVD (1942/Bela Lugosi) $5.99
ALP4049 Smart Alecks DVD (1942/East Side Kids) $5.99
ALP4065 Mysterious Mr. Wong DVD (1935/Bela Lugosi) $5.99
ALP4097 Black Dragons DVD (1942/Bela Lugosi) $5.99
ALP4109 Murder By Television DVD (1935/Bela Lugosi) $5.99
ALP9546 Shadow Of Chinatown DVD (1936/Bela Lugosi/complete serial) $11.99
ALP4462 Devil's Party DVD (1938/Victor McLaglen) $5.99
ALP4554D Postal Inspector DVD (1936/Bela Lugosi) $5.99
ALP5056 Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla DVD (1952/Bela Lugosi) $5.99
ALP6235 Scared To Death DVD (1947/Bela Lugosi) $5.99
CO07872 Return Of The Vampire DVD (1943/Bela Lugosi) $14.95 $13.49
ALP4025 Gorilla DVD (1939/Bela Lugosi) $5.99
ALP4139 One Body Too Many DVD (1944/Bela Lugosi) $5.99
ALP6069 Ghosts on the Loose DVD (1943/Bela Lugosi) $5.99
CO990 Black Sleep DVD (1956/Bela Lugosi/Basil Rathbone) $19.99
ID5836DS Phantom Ship (aka Mystery Of The Mary Celeste) DVD (1935/Bela Lugosi) $14.99
ID8578CO Glen or Glenda? DVD (1953/Bela Lugosi) $9.99
LEG428 Bride of the Monster DVD (1956/Bela Lugosi) $14.95
ALP9547 SOS Coastguard DVD (1937/Bela Lugosi) $11.99
MC28295 Bela Lugosi DVD Collection (Murders In the Rue Morgue/Black Cat/Raven/Invisible Ray/Black Friday) $26.98
MC31022 Dracula 75th Anniversary Edition DVD (1931/Lugosi) $26.99
MC21404 Son Of Frankenstein/Ghost of Frankenstein DVD (1939/42/Bela Lugosi) $14.98 $13.49
ALP4094 Invisible Ghost DVD (1941/Bela Lugoisi) $5.99
ALP5635 Daughter Of The Night DVD (1921/Bela Lugosi) $5.99
ALP4004 Human Monster DVD (1939/Bela Lugosi) $7.99 $5.99
ALP9622 Chandu On Magic Island / Return of Chandu 2 disc DVD (1934/Bela Lugosi) $12.99

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