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WA19682 Harper DVD (1966/Paul Newman) $5.99
WAA03133 Until They Sail DVD (1957/Paul Newman) $19.99
ID6842SP Absence Of Malice DVD (1981/Sally Field) $9.95
FX2004210 Hombre DVD (1967/Paul Newman) $14.98
FX2237227 Hustler 2 Disc Special Edition DVD (1961/Paul Newman) 30% Off! $19.98 $13.96
FX2007549 From the Terrace DVD (1960/Paul Newman) $14.98
FX2233170 Towering Inferno DVD (1974/Paul Newman/Steve McQueen/Special Edition) $19.98 $17.99
FX2000256 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid DVD (1969/Robert Redford) $14.98
HBO90610 Fort Apache The Bronx DVD (1981/Paul Newman) $5.99
WAA20309 Prize DVD (1963/Paul Newman) $19.99
MC21793 Slap Shot DVD (1977/Paul Newman) $9.98
MC20165 Sting DVD (1973/Paul Newman) $19.98
MC20526 Winning DVD (1969/Paul Newman) $14.98 $13.49
MC27902 Sting, The DVD (1973/Paul Newman/Robert Redford/ 2 Disc Edition) $26.98
FX2234458 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid DVD (1969/Robert Redford/2 disc edition) $19.98
MC90147 Road To Perdition DVD (2002/Tom Hanks) $6.99
MG1001834 Buffalo Bill & The Indians DVD (1976/Paul Newman) $19.95 $17.99
FX2237230 Verdict 2 Disc DVD (1982/Paul Newman/Charlotte Rampling) $19.98
KI1332 Paris Blues DVD (1961/Paul Newman) $24.95 $21.49
PA066304 Hud DVD (1963/Paul Newman) $9.99
PA334957 Twilight Saga: New Moon Two-Disc Special Edition DVD (2009/Robert Pattinson) $14.98 $12.99
WAA20311 Rack DVD (1956/Paul Newman) $19.95
OF265 WUSA DVD (1970/Paul Newman) $24.95 $21.99
FX2244633 Rally Round the Flag Boys DVD (1959/Paul Newman/Joanne Woodward) $19.98
WA05037 When Time Ran Out DVD (1980/Paul Newman/Jaquline Bisset/Willian Holden) $19.98 $17.99
WA11370 What a Way To Go DVD (1964/Shirley Maclaine) $9.98
WA39343 Cool Hand Luke DVD (1967/Paul Newman/Letterboxed) $17.99
WAA632416 Mackintosh Man DVD (1973/Paul Newman/James Mason) $17.99
WA45960 Helen Morgan Story DVD (1957/Paul Newman) $19.98 $17.99
WAA632414 Drowning Pool DVD (1975/Paul Newman/Joanne Woodward) $17.99
WA65731 Sweet Bird of Youth DVD (1961/Paul Newman/Garaldine Page) $19.98 $15.99
WA66985 Cat On A Hot Tin Roof DVD (1958/Elizabeth Taylor) $19.98 $17.99
WD18148 Color Of Money DVD (1986/Paul Newman/Tom Cruise) $9.99
WD33614 Blaze DVD (1989/Paul Newman) $9.99

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