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ALP3296 Bat, The DVD (1959/Vincent Price) $5.99
CO07779 Tingler, The DVD (1959/Vincent Price/William Castle) $9.95
FX2252512 Fly, The Original & Remake DVD (1958/Vincent Price/1986/Jeff Goldblum) $19.98
FX2003764 Edward Scissorhands DVD (1990/Tim Burton) $14.98
FX2007567 Song of Bernadette DVD (1943/Jennifer Jones) $14.98 $13.49
FX2008000 Brigham Young: Frontiersman DVD (1940/Tyrone Power) $9.98
FX2222626 Leave Her to Heaven DVD (Gene Tierney/Cornel Wilde/Jeanne Crain/Vincent Price) 30% Off! $14.98 $10.49
MG83001 House of 1,000 Dolls DVD (1967/Vincent Price) $19.98
FX2236360 Shock DVD (1946/Vincent Price) $14.98
CO40495 Mad Magician DVD (1954/Vincent Price) $19.95
MG1003881 Oblong Box/Scream and Scream Again DVD (1969/Vincent Price/Christopher Lee) $9.98
MG1004884 Haunted Palace/Tower of London DVD (1963/62/Vincent Price/Lon Chaney) $14.98
MG1006936 Abominable Dr. Phibes/Dr. Phibes Rises Again DVD (1971/72/Vincent Price) $14.95
MG108780 Vincent Price Scream Legends DVD Collection (Tales of Terror/Twice Told Tales/Abominable Dr.Phibes/Dr. Phibes Rises Again/Theater of Blood/Madhouse/Witchfinder General) $39.98 $33.99
MP8117 And Now the Screaming Starts DVD (1972/Peter Cushing Herbert Lom) $14.98
PA041224 Ten Commandments DVD (1956/Charlton Heston/Yul Brynner/Vincent Price/Anne Baxter/50th Anniversary Edition) $19.99 $17.99
WA65184 Trouble With Girls DVD (1959/Elvis Presley) $12.97 $11.99
WA73199 House On Haunted Hill Double Feature DVD (1958/Vincent Price/1999) $14.97 $12.49
UE5002 House On Haunted Hill/Last Man on Earth DVD (1958/64/Vincent Price) $19.98 $5.99
MG1006770 Panic in the Year Zero/Last Man On Earth DVD (1962/Ray Milland/1964/Vincent Price) $9.98

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