Frequently Asked Questions

We sell only new items, no used.

As a North American seller our items are in the U.S. Format which for DVDs is Region 0 or 1 and for Blu Rays Region A. If an item is in a different format it will say so in the title and the description. A typical such listing would be

(Title) Region 2 PAL DVD or

(Title) Region B Blu Ray

In the description you would see:

You will need a multi region player to play this item. It will not play on machines made for the U.S. Market.

Be sure you can play the discs you before you get them!

If an item has a slipcover we say so in the title such as (Title) Blu ray with slipcover. In our experience items always come from the manufacturers in perfect shape. If you have gotten a damaged item it almost certainly happened on the trip between the seller and you. If we ever sell anything in less than perfect condition we specify it in the description. This is extremely rare though. For the reason we just laid out and because of time restraints we can not send extra pictures of the items. We will not be able to respond to such inquiries.

We list items at the lowest possible price we can. In today’s market sellers are not making very much on items that are in print. If the item is listed for less elsewhere we can tell you for sure that we provide quicker and more secure shipping than most high volume sellers. They typically send items in plain envelopes with no protection and use an economy shipping service that involves UPS and DHL plus the post office and takes twice as long as media mail. We will not be able to respond to requests for lower prices.

Yes! All you need to do is print out the order form on the site and then mail a check or money order to us made out to ‘Cinema Classics’ We’ send orders placed by money order as soon as we receive your letter . Checks take a few days to clear. Mail the order to:

Cinema Classics


Philadelphia PA 19129

We stock 95% of what’s on the site. If you order items marked out of stock as well as other items your order will ship when all the items are in. There’s nothing on the site that takes longer than a week to come in so it will never be too long. We ship all orders by USPS. Small orders in our immediate area may go first class but most orders are sent media mail. The longest that typically takes is 7-10 days for the West Coast.

In the almost 30 years we’ve been doing this the post office has not lost more than a couple of packages. In the age of the pandemic there may be some delays but as of the end of 2020 the post office has seemingly gotten back to normal. If lightning strikes and the post office actually loses your package we’ll send replacements.

f you get a defective disc, a very rare occurrence please refer to our policies for return info.

We can get most official releases so please do ask. We will respond quickly and let you know the price and how long it will take to get. We’re happy to do it.

Do you charge now or when the items ship?
We have always charged only when the items shipped, but with modern shopping cart systems there si no way to do this and everything is charged at time of check out. In 99% of cases though your order is sent the same or next day that you place it.

No, sorry we don’t print catalogs anymore. There’s a constant influx of new titles every few weeks thus making it impossible to keep up with in a print catalog.

The best way to reach us is by email at info (at) (insert @ instead of at) . There is also a contact button on the home page. We answer most inquiries within 24 hours..