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Blockheads 2 Disc DVD w/ selected shorts

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Blockheads 2 Disc DVD w/ selected shorts


wenty years after the Armistice, doughboy Stan Laurel continues guarding a trench in France–simply because no one told him the war was over. His rescue coincides with the first wedding anniversary of his old pal Oliver Hardy. Heading to town to pick up a gift for his wife (Minna Gombell), Ollie discovers that Stan has been located and is now residing at the Veteran’s Home. The two buddies share a warm reunion, whereupon Ollie invites Stan home to enjoy a “big thick juicy steak” prepared by Mrs. Hardy. As a result of Ollie’s hospitality, Stan inadvertently wrecks Ollie’s brand new car; the boys spend half the afternoon trudging up and down 13 flights of stairs; Ollie gets into a fight with belligerent Jimmy Finlayson; Mrs. Hardy angrily walks out on her husband; the boys manage to blow up the kitchen while preparing their own meal; and Hardy’s beautiful next-door neighbor (Patricia Ellis) ends up minus her dress in Ollie’s steamer trunk, with both Mrs. Hardy and the neighbor’s husband, big-game hunter Billy Gilbert, converging upon our heroes. For full contents see the picture of the back cover.


  • Year: 1938
  • Color Type: B&W/Color
  • Running Time: 194 min
  • Country: U.S.
  • Language: English

Label: Hellfire


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