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Blood Diner Blu Ray with slip

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Blood Diner Blu Ray with slip


This gross and gory horror-comedy is an intentionally amateurish tribute to Herschell Gordon Lewis’ junky 1963 splatter classic Blood Feast. Tasteless and silly, it tells the tale of two dopey brothers who murder diner patrons in order to gather body parts for a “blood buffet” to resurrect an ancient Sumerian goddess. There is plenty of blood and nudity, including a funny naked karate sequence, and lots of in-jokes to please Lewis fans. Some may question whether such a tribute was really necessary, seeing as Blood Feast is generally acknowledged as trash by even its most ardent fans, but those who ask such questions probably wouldn’t enjoy this film anyway. Take it for what it’s worth and you’ll have a good time.

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  • Audio Commentary with Director Jackie Kong
  • Audio Commentary with Executive Producer Lawrence Kasanoff,
  • Isolated score with select audio commentary with composer Don Preston
  • Queen King – an interview with director Jackie Kong
  • Brother Tutman – Interview with actor Carl Crew
  • Diner Design – an interview with Director of Photography Jurg V. Walther
  • Cult Movie Recipes – An interview with writer Michael Sonye
  • Victims of Sheetar! – An interview with special make up effect creator Bruce Zahlava
  • Archival interview with Crew member & Hollywood Book & Poster Owner Eric Caiden
  • Label: Lions Gate »
  • Run Time: 89:00 mins
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Audio: STEREO
  • Year of Production: 1987
  • Region Code: A


  • Rick Burks
  • Carl Crew
  • Roger Dauer

Director: Jackie Cong

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