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Born For Hell

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Born For Hell


In 1976, Montreal filmmaker Denis Héroux – future director of THE UNCANNY and Oscar®-nominated producer of ATLANTIC CITY – adapted the true story of Chicago mass murderer Richard Speck to war-torn Belfast, where a disturbed Vietnam vet drifter (Mathieu Carrière of MALPERTUIS and BILITIS fame) brutalizes a dorm full of student nurses. Re-edited by its video distributor and released as NAKED MASSACRE, Héroux’s harrowing director’s cut has remained unseen in America until now. Debra Berger (THE INGLORIOUS BASTARDS), Leonora Fani (GIALLO IN VENICE), Christine Boisson (EMMANUELLE), Ely Galleani (BABA YAGA) and Carole Laure (SWEET MOVIE) co-star in this “uncompromising and unfathomably grim work of art” (Video Basement), scanned in 2K from an uncut 35mm print discovered in The National Archives of Canada.


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  • The Other Side Of The Mirror – Interview with Actor Mathieu Carriere
  • Nightmare In Chicago – Remembering the Richard Speck Crime Spree with Local Filmmakers John McNaughton and Gary Sherman
  • A New Kind Of Crime – The Richard Speck Story with ‘Once Upon A Crime’ Podcaster Esther Ludlow
  • Bombing Here, Shooting There – Video Essay by Filmmaker Chris O’Neill
  • NAKED MASSACRE – U.S. Video Release Cut
  • Artist Joe Coleman On Speck
  • Inside The Odditorium With Joe Coleman

Some or all special features may be blu ray only

  • Year: 1976
  • Running Time: 92
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Color Type: Color
  • Language: English
    • Actors:
    • Mathieu Carrière
    • Debra Berger
    • Leonora Fani
    • Christine Boisson
    • Ely Galleani
    • Carole Laure

Directed by Eloy de la Iglesia


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