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Bounty Hunter Trilogy Blu Ray

Bounty Hunter Trilogy Blu Ray


Before he made his name in ‘Lone Wolf’ and ‘Cub’ Tomisaburô Wakayama starred in this triptych of violent samurai spectacles that draw on James Bond and Spaghetti Westerns for inspiration yet feature the familiar style and blood-spattering action of the period.

In director Shigehiro Ozawa’s (The Streetfighter) “Killer’s Mission”, Wakayama stars as Doctor (and spy-for-hire) Shikoro Ichibei, who is hired to prevent the sale of firearms to a hostile Shogun.

In Eiichi Kudo’s (13 Assassins) follow-up, “The Fort of Death”, Ichibei is hired on a Seven Samurai-style mission to protect a village of farmers from a ruthless Lord.

The final film sees Ozawa return for “Eight Men to Kill”, in which Ichibei is hired to recover a cache of stolen gold from the government’s mine. Featuring an array of weapons and gadgets that would make Q proud (with Ichibei supported by a band of helpers including fellow spies, Ronin and female ninjas), the Bounty Hunter films deliver action thrills galore and deserve to sit alongside the celebrated action epics that followed.

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  • High-Definition digital transfer of each film presented on two discs, made available on Blu-ray (1080p) for the first time in the world
  • Uncompressed mono PCM audio
  • Audio commentary on Killer’s Mission by Tom Mes
  • Interview with film historian and Shigehiro Ozawa expert Akihito Ito about the filmmaker
  • Visual essay on Eiichi Kudo by Japanese cinema expert Robin Gatto
  • Series poster and press image gallery
  • Trailers
  • Optional English subtitles
  • Six postcards of artwork from the films
  • Reversible sleeves featuring artwork based on original posters
  • Limited edition booklet featuring new writing by samurai film expert Alain Silver, an obituary of Eiichi Kudo by Kinji Fukasaku and an interview piece on Shigehiro Ozawa after his retirement from filmmaking
  • Limited Edition of 3000 copies, presented in a rigid box with full-height Scanavo cases and removable OBI strip leaving packaging free of certificates and markings
  • Label: Radiance »
  • Run Time: 275 mins
  • Number of Discs: 2
  • Audio: 5.1 SURROUND
  • Year of Production: 1969
  • Region Code: 0


  • Tomisaburo Wakayama
  • Koji Tsuruta
  • Yumiko Nogawa
  • Shigeru Amachi
  • Takashi Ebata
  • Tatsuo Endô
  • Ryûtarô Gomi
  • Noriko Maki
  • Taketoshi Naitô
  • Minoru Ôki
  • Bin Amatsu
  • Chiezo Kataoka
  • Goro Mutsumi
  • Junya Usami
  • Tomoko Mayama
  • Ushio Kenji
  • Kitamura Eizo
  • Tokudaiji Shin
  • Ibuki Goro
  • Tsuchida Sanae
  • Ishiyama Ritsu
  • Arashi Kanjuro
  • Nakatani Ichiro
  • Koike Asao
  • Yusuf Osman

Director: Shigehiro Ozawa

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