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Christopher Strong DVD

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Christopher Strong DVD


Katharine Hepburn made her stunning screen debut as John Barrymore’s daughter in 1932’s A Bill of Divorcement. In Christopher Strong, Hepburn’s second film and first star vehicle, the intelligent, liberated and unconventionally beautiful actress chose to play an intelligent, liberated and unconventionally beautiful aviatrix who soars into a torrid affair (with Colin Clive as a fellow aristocrat) and crashes into unendurable heartbreak. The melodramatic story is as much keen-edged steel as tears, thanks to Hepburn’s gutsy performance and to the taut direction of Dorothy Arzner, classic Hollywood’s only major female director. Among the film’s highlights: Hepburn simply astonishing in silvery lame heading to a costume ball as the world’s most glamorous moth.


  • Aspect Ratio 1:37:1
  • Year: 1933
  • Running Time: 77
  • Color Type: Black & White
  • Country: U.S.
  • Language: English

Directed by Dorothy Arzner

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