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Father’s Day Blu Ray

Father’s Day Blu Ray

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Father’s Day follows the classic story we all grew up with: boy watches father raped and murdered, boy grows into a vengeful one-eyed man, man teams up with a priest and a male prostitute to take down his father’s killer. Ahab is a revenge-crazed deranged psychopath/hero fresh out of prison for mistakenly slaughtering the man he thought was the ruthless monster who raped and murdered his father. But fathers are still being violated in the behind, dismembered with hacksaws, and set on fire. A chickenhawk hustler and a hot young priest search out the reclusive Ahab, determined to finish the job he started years ago and send this degenerate demon back to Hell, literally.

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  • Label: Troma »
  • Run Time: 99 mins
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Year of Production: 2012


  • Adam Brooks
  • Conor Sweeney
  • Matthew Kennedy
  • Amy Groening

Director: Astron-6

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