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Fernando Di Leo Crime Collection Blu Ray

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Fernando Di Leo Crime Collection Blu Ray


Fernando Di Leo was a prolific filmmaker who explored the political extremism and mafia corruption in Italy during the 1970’s. Master of garish, intricately plotted, ultra-violent stories about pimps and petty gangsters, Di Leo has perfected the genre with an uncanny accuracy.

Di Leo’s films demonstrate the degradation of the working classes and how the mafia corrupted them. Though he slipped out of public consciousness after his death in 2003, his works have been revived and shown at the Tate Modern in London and The Venice Film Festival where Quentin Tarantino admitted that Di Leo truly inspired him to make gangster films.

Contained in this box set is the Milieu Trilogy: Caliber 9 (Milano Calibro 9, 1972), The Italian Connection (La Mala Ordina, 1972), The Boss (Il Boxx, 1973). Exclusive to this box set is Rulers of the City (I Padroni della Citta, 1976),

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Year: 1972
Running Time: 410
Color Type: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1:85:1
Country: Italy
Language: Italian with English subtitles

Label: Kino Lorber

Directed by Fernando di Leo

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