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Great Gabbo/Blind Husbands DVD

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Great Gabbo/Blind Husbands DVD


Rarely in history has a single film catapulted a director to the forefront of world cinema, but the innovative style and sophisticated themes of Blind Husbands made Erich von Stroheim an immediate sensation, exposing the complex layers of repression, jealousy, and lust that lie beneath the surface of an American couple’s marriage. As they vacation in the Alps, a roguish officer (von Stroheim) ensnares the wife (Francellia Billington) in a web of infidelity, testing her loyalty and ultimately challenging the manhood of her husband (Sam DeGrasse).

One of Hollywood’s earliest — and most peculiar — musicals, The Great Gabbo stars von Stroheim as an egotistical ventriloquist who casts a Svengali-like spell upon an ingenue (Betty Compson), against a backdrop of singularly strange numbers (including “Icky” and the spider-and-fly-themed “Caught in a Web”). Director James Cruze (The Covered Wagon) allowed von Stroheim to endow the character with his signature flourishes, resulting in a wicked cocktail of garish stage shows and Austro-Hungarian villainy that is a diabolical delight.

“A true artist — My God, he had talent!” – Orson Welles


  • Score adapted by Donald Sosin form the 1919 cue sheet
  • Excerpts from the original Blind Husbands pressbook
  • Audio clips of Valerie von Stroheim and Paul Kohner
  • Dossier on the ill-fated 1929 remake of Blind Husbands
  • “The High Command” – a 1944 radio broadcast
  • A note on The Great Gabbo by Erich von Stroheim
  • Photo gallery
  • Published works: A brief survey
  • Portrait gallery
  • Optional English Subtitles: Yes
    Color Type: B&W
    Country: U.S.
    Language: English
Great Gabbo

Erich von Stroheim
Betty Compson
Marjorie Kane
Donald Douglas

Directed by James Cruze

Blind Husbands

Erich von Stroheim
Francellia Billington
Sam DeGrasse

Directed by Erich von Stroheim

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