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Ghost Warrior Blu Ray with slipcover

Ghost Warrior Blu Ray with slipcover

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In the time-warp tradition of Iceman comes Ghost Warrior, an inventive fantasy-adventure from cult-movie king Charles Band (Parasite). Suddenly awake after 400 years of frozen sleep, a valiant samurai warrior struggles to survive the harsh challenges of modern-day Los Angeles. This action-packed tale is the thrilling saga of Yoshi (Hiroshi Fujioka, High Seas Hijack, In the Line of Duty III), a master of Japan’s 16th-century fighting arts who is accidentally frozen in time and miraculously revived in the 1980s. On the run from the institute that ended his sleep of centuries, Yoshi must pit his ancient skills and power against the forces of a violent and confusing world. He has vanquished enemies from a distant time—but can he prevail on the streets of the future? Also known as Swordkill, Ghost Warrior co-stars the wonderful Janet Julian (King of New York).

Luther compresses nearly two decades into a provocative character study that parallels Martin Luther’s deepening religious dilemmas with the irresolvable earthly anxieties that shaped his beliefs and his rebellious search for truth. We’re introduced to Luther as a young monk in 1506, as he defends his vows to his jealous and disapproving father (Patrick McGee). But as Luther’s religious commitment deepens, his faith in an increasingly commercialized, politicized, and spiritually empty Papacy atrophies until, having preached against the medieval Catholic Church’s hypocrisy, he is called to account by the very bishops he must denounce.

Keach’s Luther is backed by a powerful supporting cast, including Kubrick stalwart Leonard Rossiter, and Dame Judi Dench (Shakespeare in Love, Chocolat) as the nun Luther takes for his wife. In Luther, Martin Luther’s condemnation of the Catholic Church and incitement fo the Protestant reformation become the last desperate acts of a brilliant but deeply troubled man of conscience who has run out of options.



  • DIE BY THE SWORD: NEW Interview with Special Makeup Effects Artist Robert Short
    -Audio Commentary by Action Film Historians Brandon Bentley and Mike Leeder
    -Theatrical Trailer
    -Optional English Subtitles
  • Year: 1985
  • Running Time: 81
  • Color Type: Color
  • Country: U.S.
  • Language: English
Hiroshi Fujioka
Janet Julian
John Calvin
Charles Lampkin
Bill Morey
Frank Schuller

Directed by J. Larry Carroll

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Weight 4 oz
Kino Lorber

Blu Ray, DVD

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