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Pardon Us 2 Disc DVD with selected shorts

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Pardon Us 2 Disc DVD with selected shorts


Two-reel comedy favorites Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy made their feature-film debut in the prison comedy Pardon Us. The story begins when erstwhile bootleggers Laurel and Hardy sell a bottle of beer to a Prohibition agent. Shipped off to the pen, our heroes are escorted to the cell occupied by “The Tiger” (Walter Long), the toughest con in the joint. The Tiger immediately becomes the boys’ best friend when he mistakes Laurel’s loose-tooth “buzz” as an act of defiance! Swept up in one of The Tiger’s escape attempts, Laurel and Hardy disguise themselves in blackface and lose themselves among the cotton-pickers in the Deep South, but Stan’s buzzing tooth gives the game away when the warden’s (Wilfred Lucas) car breaks down near the cotton fields.
Plus shorts, The Hoose Gow, Battle of the Century, Bacon Grabbers


  • Year: 1931
  • Color Type: B&W
  • Country: U.S.
  • Language: English

Label: Hellfire


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