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Son of Jekyll DVD Read Description

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Son of Jekyll DVD Read Description


The Son of Dr. Jekyll is Edward Jekyll, played by Louis Hayward. The film’s events take place long after the unpleasantness involving Dr. J’s doppelganger Mr. Hyde. Young Edward hopes to prove that his father was a dedicated scientist, and not merely a mad monster. His nemesis in this endeavor is Curtis Lanyon (Alexander Knox), executor for the Jekyll estate, who hopes to drive Edward into insanity and irrational behavior so he can keep the late doctor’s legacy for himself.
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This Hellfire DVD R is from 16mm. There can be scratches, splices, contrast or audio issues. They are not remastered–not even close! If at all picky about image quality move along.

  • Year: 1951
  • Running Time: 77 min
  • Color Type: B&W
  • Country: U.S.
  • Language: English

Label: Hellfire


Directed by Seymour Friedman

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