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Strange Fascination DVD Read Description

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Strange Fascination DVD Read Description


Middle-aged European pianist Paul Marvan (Hugo Haas) is brought to America by wealthy widow Diana Fowler (Mona Barrie) and he meets and weds a canary-blonde named Margo (Cleo Moore), who is a nightclub dancing partner to Carlo (Rick Vallin). Margo’s trampy and flirty behavior inflames Marvan, who is also disturbed over increasing financial and professional straits, since Diana, his wealthy “sponsor” was more than a little perturbed when Marvan married the little tramp.


This Hellfire DVD R is from 16mm. There can be scratches, splices, contrast or audio issues. They are not remastered–not even close! If at all picky about image quality move along.

  • Year: 1952
  • Running Time: 80 min
  • Color Type: B&W
  • Country: U.S.
  • Language: English

Label: Hellfire


Directed by Hugo Haas

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