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Terror Express Blu Ray

Terror Express Blu Ray

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In this cult classic from director Ferdinando Baldi (Just a Damned Soldier) and writer George Eastman (Warriors of the Wasteland) comes the story of a dozen passengers who find themselves on some carriages of a train on a long trip. Among them a prostitute, a few couples, some girls, a policeman and three criminals; the latter steal the gun from the policeman and take control of some coaches, committing murders, assaults and humiliation. But an unexpected stop will give Peter (Gianluigi Chirizzi), a former convict, the opportunity for revenge! The Italian made TERROR EXPRESS (aka La Ragazza Del Vagone Letto) is another entry into the “Last House on the Left” style sub-genre that emerged in the 70’s.



  • Label: Dark Force Entertainment »
  • Run Time: 84 mins
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Audio: STEREO
  • Year of Production: 1980
  • Region Code: 0


  • Silvia Dionisio
  • Werner Pochath
  • Zora Kerova
  • Gianluigi Chirizzi
  • Venantino Venantini

Director: Ferdinando Baldi

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