Shipping policies

Occasionally we may notice a suspicious order. In this case we will contact you for further information. If we do not get a response within 48 hours we reserve the right to cancel the order. Related to this we may sometimes insist on shipping to the cardholder’s billing address when the order is to be shipped to a 3rd party.

We are not responsible for orders held up in or seized by customs. All such situations are the responsibility of the purchaser to resolve. Nor are we responsible for taxes/fees added to orders by customs. Such charges are the solely the responsibility of the purchaser.  We do not reimburse charges in any of these scenarios.

If your order is lost in the mail, and does not show delivery by tracking we will send replacements. If, however tracking does show delivery yet you say that you did not receive the order we are not responsible for replacement costs. If this ever happens the best way to resolve it is to contact the delivery person ASAP and ask if they remember what they did with the package.

If you find an out of print title on the site at it’s old discounted price good on ya! But you may be asked to add an item to your order that is still in print as we save oop titles for our regular customers.

Also please expect to occasionally receive slipcovers with scuffs, slightly dinged corners, worn edges or slight printing imperfections. This is an inevitable result of the item traveling from manufacturer to distributor to retailer to customer. We will not replace items with what we consider to be minor flaws, we will only replace items with severe damage from shipping.

Orders shipped to PA must include sales tax